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Tips of the Trade

Hi Folks,After all the response on my 10.000 sales blog, i decided to write down some tips of the trade, many things you already know, but its always good to emphasize, things I learned from my experience here, some you may know, but has long forgotten, some you may dont know, even better:- mind your acceptance ratio, this can seriously compromise your long term goals, I did loose a lot of time because of that, you loose it because you upload a lot and few are accepted and you... continue reading

10.000 Sales and My Story

It all started in July 18th 2005, my interest in photographywas renewed after I bought a Canon point-and-shoot (my old SLR was stolen from inside my bags in trip to New York City 3 years before).I moved to Sao Paulo and did a photography course, but didn't know what to do with what I´ve learned. I had done a fantastic trip to Spain and Portugal with my wife and thought some of the images turned out quite good and I´ve heard about this new microstock world and that you could actually do some... continue reading

Photography Books You Should Read

Thie Photography Books Authors are for you to learn and step forward on your photography, this list is not of books of photographs.Since there are some newbies here all the time, I decided to publish a small list of books I think could help you on your journey.This list is of course not extensive enough, it doesn include Ansel Adams and other classics, but they express my personal experience, all those books and authors I personally have read and have used their knowledge as a basis to learn... continue reading

Social Media: Are we on the Edge of a New Market for Images?

All this debate about Pinterest made me wonder about what this new social networks mean to our image marketing.Meanwhile we are terrified with the escalation of piracy and finding tons of cooyrights inflingements around the web, we wonder if this industry has a future or if we are on a sinking boat.I will start first analysing us compared to the audio and movie industry.The first major diference is the market. Our images are mainly sold to the corporate market, they use it for advertising,... continue reading

4000 Images

Its unbelievable,but time passed by (its been almost 6 years here at DT now),I never stopped believing and uploadingThe first pay check I received in 8 months!But slowly, they got faster and faster,...And I got completely addicted,investing on new gear and traveling around the world whenever its possibleAnd now I got here, 4000 images online, 1000 uploading just this last year, is there an end to that addiction?I hope... continue reading

My Recipe in Dreamstime

I thought about sharing my recipe here in Dreamstime with you.First, you should start with a lot of patience.Add passion to the other ingredients and we are on our way to go.Yes, you will need to work hard with perseverence.Listen to the others and read a lot, allways increasing your skills.You will need to be good at taking pictures and processing them in your computer.I come back to my old pictures sometimes whenever I learned some new... continue reading

3000 Pictures

Well, not only DT has now 10 million picture, but I got to my target for 2010, 3000 pictures online!So, a toast to every fellow photographers and DT staff.Early in September I had already received the same amount of money as the whole last year, I am expecting a 34% increase this year.And, nevertheless, November has a great chance of being my BME!That´s great job, DT!Thanks for all your support and I hope my fellow photographers are experiencing... continue reading

Long Path

Oh, yes, its been a long time, since July 18th, 2005, more than four years now, watering a little every dayEvery season growing a little.Far too many rejections, but allways learning.And growing a strong and healthy portolioSuddenly, my plantation started to flourish and help me travelAnd take more pictures of what I love most.... continue reading


Using opposite visual elements is another effective way to emphasize your ideas.OPPOSITEOppositionis about using opposite visual elements to emphasize the idea the photographer wants to express.Opposite elements can happen in form and content.OPPOSITION ADDITION FORM - ZEUGMAThe Addition of Opposition in form is called zeugma.You add opposite visual elements to the image, for instance, the same object in two different times or places.Here, the Eiffel tower in Paris... continue reading


Let us analyse how to explore the differences to emphasizes your ideas.DIFFERENCEDifferenceis about using different visual elements to emphasize the idea the photographer wants to express.DIFFERENCE ADDITION - ACCUMULATIONThe Addition of Difference is called accumultaion.You add different visual elements to the imageusually to suggest opulence.Also, it may suggest a large audience or a crowded place.DIFFERENCESUPPRESSION - SUSPENSIONThe Suppression... continue reading

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