Articles by Mladen Bozickovic

Level 5 for the very 1st time !!!

Finally...I'm very happy to announce that, after 2 years spent here, on Dreamstime, my first picture reached level 5If I only have more of these... ;)Now, my next goal is to produce more quality pictures and upload them all here, as soon as possible.Just can't wait for my next purchase, for my next "killer cam".But more about my new equipment within next 2 months.Thanks for sharing my level 5 happiness.Archangel72 continue reading

And.... another one !

Just stop by to share one joyful moment with all you, dear people of Dreamstime.After some time, I manage to sell my third TIFF.It's always nice to have these small "impacts" in revenue.It's not much, but gives a certain joy and inspiration to keep "moving in right direction".Thank you all for sharing valuable TIFF-seconds with me! ;))Yours faithfullyArchangel72 continue reading

500 it is...

Yippie... ;)) I reached 500 sold pictures on Dreamstime.For now, with my present portfolio, every 3 months = 100 pictures sold.I should increase number of pictures in my gallery, and than observe how the selling ratio increases.I noticed "great jump-increase in sales" for each month in this year over the months of the last year. Thank God for that lovely statistics.Wonder what will happen' next year when I change my photo gear.Now, I shoot with 6 years old Sony DSC R1, and the time has... continue reading

Another milestone falls !!!

Yippie !!!Yes after 3 months, I managed to to jump from 300 to 400 sold pictures.And one more thing...For the first time on Dreamstime, my number of sales beat number of my online pictures.I know this isn't such a big deal for many of you pro photographers, but considering lack of my photo equipment and very modest knowledge in that field, I couldn't be more satisfied with present results.Next year my acceptance ratio should increased heavily due to new "heavy artillery" I'm planning to... continue reading

300 sold pictures !

Well...D-Day (download day) hit me today with 4 sold pictures, and total of 300 sold pictures so far.I know this sounds a bit silly to the top contributors who selling the same amount within few months (or even shorter time cycle), but for me - amateur photographer, this means that I'm "walking" in the right way. It's a slow walk, but this photo-trip is so good that I hope it'll last for another 100 years (humble me, ha?)Never the less, I wanted to share my achievement with all you beautiful... continue reading


Finally...I thought I'd never find any of my sold pictures so far.And than... One day...Random search on Google revealed one familiar result..."Modern red sofa" ended up on the front cover of e-book of one very interesting writer of dark fiction and horror novels.Her name is Amanda Lawrence Auverigne, and she is from United States.She couldn't "hit" me any better than this, I adore fiction, sci-fi, and horror as well, and it is very inspirational to find that one picture I took... continue reading

Woow, my very first 500 000 !!!

Be honest with me, you all thought that I earned 500 000 $ in revenue.I wish that happened, but this one seem O.K. to me as well.Sorry, but I'm speechless...This month I'll remember for sure!I sold my first (U-EL) unlimited seats picture, which means that buyer of this picture have a maximum amount limit of 500,000 copies.Oooh men, my first 500 000, not $, but copies!One day I'll return on this same blog with different situation, but till that time you will hear more from me...... continue reading

Yippee, another TIFF sale !!!

Yes, I just sold another TIFF sale (second one in my "career" on Dreamstime so far).It was a very pleasant surprise to see "jump" of revenue for another 8,32 $.I don't know how's the sale with you people, but I made a personal record for this month.There is still like 14 days more in this month, and yet I managed to break sale record of my best month already???I have a weird feeling that it won't stop on this result ;))There, I wanted to share my happy feelings with you.Till I sold some... continue reading

300 pics online

Well, I did my humble picture contribution here on Dreamstime.300 pictures is not that bad I presume, but it's far from my final goal.Considering lack of equipment and my experience in this field I can't be totally unsatisfied.Hopefully my next 100 pics online will appear much sooner.About sales... well, it increases each month by a little, but it's fun to "climb" on a curve of success.Keep your lenses always clean...Archangel72 continue reading


This morning one idea came to me, one idea I would like to share with all of you folks.Each day, I turn on the TV and watch the news from around the world. To many bad news, and the happy one is almost impossible to see these days.People loosing lives every day from wide variety of diseases, natural disasters like flood, earthquake, fire, tsunamies, you name it, and if they manage by some miracle to save their lives, they loose pretty much everything else.They find themselves in the street with... continue reading

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