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For the Love of a Nikon Camera

There is a breed of people, a special people, they speak a common language, a unique language, a language that defies color, race, and tribe. United by passion and an inexplicable bond, they are neither understood nor defined except by their own kind. Their passion for wheels, especially the four kind knows no borders; it transcends seas, powers over oceans, throttles through swamps, roars in jungles, cruises on in sunrises, and knows no rest in sunsets. People call them Car enthusiasts.There is another... continue reading

How to professionally use your smartphone’s camera features

A camera is to a photographer what a brush is to a painter, a tool. You are young, talented, and passionate about photography, a camera, or its lack, limits your desire to express this creativity. Here is a question, do you have a smartphone? does it have a camera?Your smartphone may not be top of the range, it may be middle range or low range; the truth is, it doesn't really matter; your smartphone’s camera can still capture creative, dreamy, emotive and vivid photos. Smartphone cameras now... continue reading

Five Smartphone Camera Features to help you Shoot Stunning Photos

This is a story, a historical story, the story of your smartphone camera. The year is 2000…., not really historical you may be tempted to say, however on the digital calendar 2000 to now, may as well be five lifetimes. It’s June 2000 to be precise, the world has just sighed, a sigh of relief; aeroplanes did not fall from the sky, life support machines did not shut down, financial markets did not crash; Y2K bug had not bitten on January 1st 2000 as predicted, or had it…? Wait a minute,... continue reading

Stock Photography - 5 image ideas that set truly successful photographers apart

The picture is of a woman, mysterious and beautiful; a calm demeanor pervades her warm personality, graceful, she strikes a serene sense of mystique. A warm golden light infuses her being with life as she seats poised, elegant, petite and powerful. A faint smile plays at the corners of her mouth, barely touching her sharp eyes creating an enigmatic aura. Behind her, undulating, a landscape, rugged and expansive; rivers flow from dark ice capped silhouettes, majestic mountain peaks birthed in the warm... continue reading

Stock Photography - Here is How to Create Images that Sell

A mind boggling 1.2 trillion photos are estimated to have been taken in 2017 according to Forbes, that is 160 photos of every human being alive today!10.3% of this photos were taken by a digital camera, 4.7% by a tablet, and 85% by Smartphones. The bulk of these photos were either uploaded, shared, or saved directly or indirectly on internet.The numbers are predicted to go higher in 2018. In our last article, Stock Photography - Who buys Your Stock Images?, We shared on why we should embrace... continue reading

Stock Photography - Who buys Your Stock Images?

The name Heraclitus, may mean nothing to you. Businesses that have embraced Heraclitus’ wisdom have always survived turbulence and risen to astronomical successes. Heraclitus’s is a Greek philosopher who lived between 535 and 475 BCE in Ephesus. He coined a phrase that is as relevant today as it was in his day; “The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change ” Stock Photography is changing, it has been changing, it's always changing, and will always change. Charles Darwin, the guy who convinced... continue reading

Stock Photography - How to sell your images

In April of 2008, yes, 2008 that’s ten years ago! a Dreamstime contributor frustrated by lack of sells from his uploaded images shared his frustrations with the Dreamstime community, in a brief article, an article that vocalized every new contributor’s frustrations, he poured his heart out, seeking to understand the dynamics of stock photography.The contributor’s article christened, “Waiting for that first sell” may have disappeared in the archives, but the words of that heading still echo... continue reading

Stock Photography - 5 Secret ideas by Successful Microstockers

Let's talk money, earned money, stock images, is your creative work selling? Lets phrase it differently how do you get your images to stand out amongst millions, are prospective buyers clicking on your images? Successful stock images must communicate intent. Art directors and other buyers of stock images look for the intent to communicate. As a photographer, you perceive, see and feel your subject, however your camera does not capture this emotions. Art Directors buy images that show authentic... continue reading

4 photography tips to help you capture captivating wildlife images

Nerves taut, mouth dry, throat parched, a dusty sticky hand doing little to wipe the warm sweat trickling into focused sleep deprived eyes squinting into a panoramic view, the view of a virgin land, a wildland an expansive Savannah grassland dotted with acacia trees, a land vibrant with life,wildebeests, zebras, buffaloes antelopes bristling in their thousands probably millions. Shoulders hunched over the viewfinder John, a seasoned wildlife photographer, hardly felt the hot African sun burning into... continue reading

3 Top Secrets to help you Shoot professional Photos on your smartphone

Magical moments, those moments that are forever etched in the vaults of our memories are instantaneous as they are rare, never planned, never anticipated, they swoop on us like an afternoon downpour in the heat of the Kalahari desert. Fleetingly, they disappear just as quickly as they appeared, leaving us gasping for more.Taking out your smartphone and simply shooting, at best may capture the subject, at worst capture a hazy, foggy image, and not a sharp clear photo that will leave people craving... continue reading

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