Articles by Celia Maria Ribeiro Ascenso

My first 3D image: Coffee Cups

For some time I have been aspiring to learn to make images and animations in 3D program Blender, but ventured only in basic shapes and understandig the very basics of the vary basic. I even made short animations, but my PC is too slow to render it at a reasonable quality.This week I persisted, and created my first (and from my point of view, successfull) image. It is a couple of two simple antique yellow cups with a deep blue background and only a bit of light casting over them. I wanted to create... continue reading

Image Adoption

It is always a joy to know one of our forgoten images fallen in to level 0 threshold has been adopted (AKA sold).I don't mind if it is a credit sale or a subscription sale. I feel happy just to know someone took the time to find it and the image is good enough to be adopted for use. Strange enough, many of them are credit sales.Just love to see that golden swirl (meaning: this is a level 0 purchase).August is quite a slow month, but until now some of my orphan level 0 images were adopted:... continue reading

Water Falling First Video Sale

I was waiting for this to happen some time ago. I have just sold my first video file! It is water falling in a swimming pool. Sold after 7 months of uploading.Oh, I feel so happy! This is what dreamstime does! We feel happy about little things and achievements.Now I'm waiting for one of my animations to be sold. And I learnt to animate just to have them here on Dreamstime. Little steps can travel a lot too!Animations here wishing someone take them home:... continue reading

Valentine's Day

William Shakespeare, Ophelia in Hamlet (1600–1601), Act IV, Scene 5:"To-morrow is Saint Valentine's day,All in the morning betime,And I a maid at your window,To be your Valentine.Then up he rose, and donn'd his clothes,And dupp'd the chamber-door;Let in the maid, that out a maidNever departed more."As Valentine's Day is approaching, you can find heart images in the Heart, Hearts, Hearts collection.You can also suggest your own heart illustrations or photos.Happy... continue reading

2nd Birthday with Dreamstime

Today it is my 2nd birthday since I joined Dreamstime.Much road has been walked, and much much more ahead to be walked.I got here thinking I knew photography. Ouch! So much to learn and so much to unlearn.Then I learned I could sell illustrations too. Started to learn Inkscape one month after joining Dreamstime, and loving each step on the learning curve.Sales started to come, in my case much more from illustrations than photography. And I was gaining much more... continue reading

Studying the database and file age

When we are starters at micro stock, one of the things we must do to learn more about stock image industry is to study the database to see what is uploaded, what sells better, what are the current trends and so on.This cannot be achieved in one day or a week, it is more a continuous work we all must do while we are shooting, editing, drawing, uploading, keyworing and doing all other necessary work.One of the errors I have made when I started was to assume that images with some or many sales... continue reading

100 Sales!

I finally made 100 sales! I never thought it could be so fast.This is the 100th image sold:It took me 9 months to fail uploading, understand what was wrong, upload more, start selling, build portfolio constantly, and now I have 321 images uploaded.I can foresee more sales in less time as portfolio and exposure grows.So, keep working and loving what you are doing.Rejection is normal and makes you a better photographer/illustrator and a better seller. continue reading

Promoting your portfolio on G+

One of the social media I use to promote my portfolio is Google Plus.Before starting to promote Dreamstime images there, I followed and built followers. Commented on other's posts, posted here and there, basically had fun while making connections and learning.- Connect with other's content by commenting or plusing if you like it. Probably they will do the same for you. Criticize honestly when someone asks for critiques.- Ask to be included in circle shares of your interest.- Do not... continue reading

Pinterest - How to promote your portfolio

Pinterest, not being new, is generating tons and tons of visits to other websites.It is a social network very well oriented to image impact.You can find a very useful blog post by Enigmacypher here.Once you create your boards on Pinterest and share your images, (or whatever images you want to share), they are available to be re-pinned by others who enjoy them.The best way to promote your portfolio and also be the referrer for that image is editing the pin. How to do it?-Go to... continue reading

Seamless patterns - collection request

I just realized that I have in my yet small portfolio around 70 seamless patterns, more than 30% of total images online.I guess that makes me a patterner, as I keep seing patterns everywhere even when falling asleep (I know you all do to, photographers or illustrators, those images popping in our heads when we have no chance to get the real equipment to capture or draw it as we are half sleeping). With some luck, some are still there the next day, half forgotten or modified in our memories.... continue reading

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