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I want to believe

Every day I wake up at 7:00, start to heat water and turn on the computer. The lucky days, I see that Dreamstime photos sold for U$S 3,x 2,x, or 0,xx. The bad days, I do not sell any pictures, and the day is presented gray.This morning, an hour ago, my income grew strongly. ask me, I sold 10 pictures in one night? The answer is NO!I sold an I-EL!!!!The first in a whole year of effort and perseverance. The first one I corresponded, after seeing many who claimed to have seen. Yes ,appeared... continue reading

I got to 500 photos uploaded!

After a year at Dreamstime, I came today to 500 photos on line! I am really happy, and wanted to share with my friends here and show my photo 500.Thanks to the editors, my friends, and all the people who make this possible. continue reading

Chronicle of my photos on assignment

It was Sunday morning.I called my in-laws asking them to pose in my photos, I spoke to my children to bathe and comb, I prepared mythree flashes and my camera...My mother in law wouldprepare gnocchi with sauce, while I accommodate the set of lights.All set?NO! My daughter cries. Do not want to take photos. My wife talks to her.All set?NO! My mother in law kicks accidentally my studio flash (my only studio flash!).The pieces of plastic mix with my tears. My wife talks to... continue reading

I sold my 100 Photo!

I sold my 100 Photo!, and this photo increse the level to 2! I`m very happy and I just wanted to share it with you.And the photo is... continue reading

Bring photos for free ... Yes or no?

A week ago I put a photo for free. Many questions about donating, position among the other, etc. The data is this:1)My photos are not bad. It had no discharge, On the second day had 33 downloads! Today 52 dls!2)No one has left a comment3)The next day I sold 4 other photos.These three observations can give an idea about whether put photos free or not. I hope they can use my experience of somethingThe photo is this continue reading

Accepted my first photo assignments

Is my first photo accepted in assignament!! That is enough award for me.Thanks Dreamstime and thanks colleagues!! continue reading

The cultural and economic impact of our images

Dear Community:I´m very happy to post and sell my works by Dreamstime page. This enterprise to make possible to expand our professional and artistic life, carrying our images around the worlds. But we know that many of us,beyond of economics topics, need to know the cultural impact of our works by the final destination of these. ¿What kind of works my images are helping? ¿What is seeing the users when they select me? ¿Are those using to press, to publicity, to design, or other destinities?... continue reading

I got to 100 images!

Today I got to the 100 pictures online!I will make a feast! Fiesta!Here is the winnerThanks for all continue reading

Today 99 photos!

Today I got to 99 photos, and tomorrow get 100... A huge effort, a huge expectation, and finally, the 100th did not like. So continuing to pass this first milestone in my first experience inmicrostock.I thank Dreamstime and to my friends in the forum, because it helped me , an eager to continue working more harderAnd now: my picture 99! continue reading

Art and advertising

Hello friends! First of all, sorry for the English translator online.Might find errors of expression, but they are not purposely.Exists in the world certain that the best artists go to advertising field. Money and fame are working with this... But I think both (art and advertisement)always been one face of the same coin. The consumer buys the work of art in which the product is. And I think this is so since the time of the prehistoric paintings.So, then, warn of a danger, if not artistic, not... continue reading

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