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Algonquin Park Autumn Survival

Beautiful fall colours exist in many places but having lived in southern and eastern Ontario all my life I've been blessed with the opportunity to visit many local areas of autumn wonder.    Along with Gatineau park in Quebec, one of my favorite autumn locations is Algonquin Park. Algonquin is the oldest provincial park in Canada (founded 1893) covering some 7600 square kms of area in Ontario (One and a half times the size of Prince Edward Island!!).This protected area is filled with some... continue reading

Romancing the Camera

I often wander about with my camera...even on the coldest of winter days and nights.Whilst some enjoy a cold, winters evening in their home,sitting on the couch, huddled under warm blankets and enjoying the TV,I might be outdoors in -30 degree weather doing one of those Australian 'walkabouts'.A frigid one mind you, but thankfully, devoid of kangaroos and people-eating creatures.Crazy you might say, sure.I know my wife would certainly agree with you.This past New Years eve was... continue reading

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas and all through Dreamstime,Everything was quiet, as though someone stopped time.My recent uploads sit waiting for careful review,In hopes that by New Year they'll be the first you can view.And I a contributor, nestled all snug in my bed,Have visions of promise dancing in my head.Uploads, and downloads, even more sales perchance.New Years dreams such as this, I do romance.When out on the rooftop arose such a clatter,I sprang from my bed to see what... continue reading

How coffee boosted my microstock efforts

If you're Canadian, you know Tim Hortons.Unless of course, you've been living in a cave or trapping beavers in the deepest, darkest recesses of the Canadian forest for the last several decades.Tim Hortons.Canadas best loved, most popular purveyor of coffee and donuts.They're here. They're there. They're everywhere.On this street corner, on that one. In malls. In gas stations. In hospitals and universities...all over Canada.From what I've read, responsible for dispensing eight out... continue reading

Is this you???

Each workday morning I have a ritual.Arrive at work, turn on my computer and let it boot-up.Being the ever-so-efficient fellow that I am, I prepare a morning cup of java during this wait time.Once booted, I check my personal email, my work email, my facebook and of Dreamstime account.I've learned that the latter absorbs the most time during my morning ritual.With baited breath and nerves tingling, I await the Dreamstime page to load, all the while staring at the upper right... continue reading

I've lived the Legacy

I shoot micro four thirds.Unlike many, I'm not a DSLR to m4/3 convert.Although they fascinate me, especially full frame, I know little to nothing about cameras using APS-C,APS-H or full frame sensors except what I have read on the internet.My decision to go micro four thirds was mostly borne from the fact I bought into a brand and to save cost remained there. Other than my long since broken 35 mm film camera, my experiences with anything that allowed the ability to be creative, with adjustable... continue reading

700 Reasons for backing up your computer.

It happened again.For the second time over the course of many, many years, I've suffered a hard-drive failure. The poor 500GB drive on my desktop unit, after enduring years of endless spinning and whirring,and for reasons unknown to me, passed on. And with much sadness and horror, having done so, took with it a ton of data to a now invisible and inaccessible land of 010111011000's.The real headache however, is that this drive was my 'photo' drive, and upon it were written tons of photos. Countless... continue reading

My family hates microstock

Well, not exactly.I suppose I should rephrase my title to more correctly say, "My Family Hates the way microstock has changed me".Yup, it has. I am changed, altered.Microstockly-speaking, I am but a shadow of the man I was fifteen months ago. Like one of the Autobots of Cybertron I seem to constantly be shifting into another shape and form.I am a transformer. I have been transformed...I'm Different.My camera and gear, now permanent appendages, swing out from my carcas at a moments notice,... continue reading

For those about to stock - we salute you!

I direct todays ranting to newbies. Not long time, experienced professional photographers new to Dreamstime itself or seeking additional income in microstock. Or microstockers already successful at other sites and new to Dreamstime. Or super-talented, successful current Dreamstime microstockers...Noobs...Newbs...Newbies.Those who have a camera, or recently bought one and who have recently announced their presence in the community with a resounding capitalized "HELLO" and an excited message... continue reading

A Camera bag odyssey.

Yes, you guessed it, yet another blog, article, chanting from yet another person on the internet in regards to the never endingquest for the ultimate solution to carrying gear. Another ranting from one who, as many others have declared, has a closet fullof bags and who likes to carry too much gear...after all, you just never know when you need that one extra piece of equipment.Yes, I've scoured the internet in search of ideas, recommendations and personal experiences on the issue.Yes,... continue reading

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