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Making artisanal candles

  I've been about making candles before and this is my "third chapter" on learning the art of making artisanal candles.I will not repeat the issues pointed out in the first article, so, if you have not read it yet, I suggest you do it now: Homemade candles (english at the bottom)The second article on this theme is about a completely different technique. Although not connected, here's the link to check it out: Bees' Wax CandlesThe first time I made candles I noticed that, after the wax was... continue reading

I wrote another book!

I wrote another book!Yeap, that's true, I wrote my second book.Its title is Pagwagaya and it's a weird name by most standards. I made it up ;)This time I was able to create a cover using my own photos so I didn't have to buy any here at DT!But I'm showing it off anyway. The main photo is a variation of this sunset you see here, but actually the full cover wasmade of 5 different photos of the same place.And talking about the place...The story of the book takes place around "Portas... continue reading

Messing with EXIF/IPTC metadata

I've been long searching for ways of erasing/editing file metatags (EXIF, IPTC, etc) without restrictions.Many programs/software have ways of doing it, but most don't allow to do it freely.I mean, they might have comercial restrictions, but when for instance adobe tools say that a tag that says the file has been edited/created in Photoshop is a not "deletable" one... they are lying.Every metatag is editable/deletable and the image itself can be rendered without any metatag info of this type.... continue reading

Getting IPTC metatags to work

For those who don't know what I'm talking about...IPTC metatags allow you to embed textual information into your jpeg files. You can embed right into your image files the title, description, keywords and even categories in some cases.For those who know, but never used IPTC tags...Specially if you upload to more than one agency, embeding your photo title, description and keywords into jpeg image files is most useful and a huge time saver. Most websites will read it pronto and submission forms... continue reading

I wrote a book!

Hello friends!I wrote a book and I used for its cover a Dreamstime collection image by Richmond Paul Ruiz. I even wrote a credit line in the technical info page. (Hey, does that count as a badge?)I said image because I'm not sure this is a photograph. Either way, it is a wonderfull image that I could not have done on my own (and I tried :) ) and looks just amazing on the book cover.For once, and only time so far, I was on the buyers side!I also used a couple more photos of mine (granite... continue reading

Machu Picchu, the lost city of Incas

I climb that last, extremely steep, 30 or so steps, pass through some castle like walls and there is magic in the air!Not having that much experience as some other members here, this time I'm also trying to take you in a tour to the Inca Citadel of Machu Picchu in Perú.I arrive at the Sun Gate (Intipunku) early in the morning, before the sun starts to shine on Machu Picchu, on the 4th day of trekking the Inca Trail.We got out of our camping tents it was still dark nigh, at around 4:30AM,... continue reading

Getting the most out of your gear - Fringe

Again ... for those who can't afford better equipment and might be affected by this fringe thing. I have been.Fringe, sometimes called "purple fringe" (there are other colours), is caused by the lenses' optics. It's a cromatic aberration where lenses decompose light on its components and project them slightly seperated in the sensor (or film).It is most noticed on hard edges, transitions of high contrast, not always brightness wise, but also in places of high contrast changes in each light component.... continue reading

Getting the most out of your gear - Noise

Photographic gear, of course ;)Maybe the professional doesn't need to worry that much about grain/noise. Modern and professional (expensive) cameras create noise free images on most situations ...But I do worry about it, I can't afford top quality hardware so I have to work with what I have. Especially for those others facing this kind of issue, I decided to share some tips and tricks.If you decide you absolutely need to reduce noise of a particular difficult image, go for it, Neat Image... continue reading

Orchids, small, wild and protected

Small, wild and protected.Those three attributes make up the challenge. Orchids are mostly beautiful flowers, worth being photographed, but ...All wild orchids are protected species. That means you can't collect them and take them to the studio to workout their best images. At least here in Portugal it is stricly forbiden to collect wild orchid specimens and they can't be found everywhere, most of them are to be found only in natural reserves and parks. Around here all wild orchids are in flower... continue reading

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