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Life is what happens when you're paying attention to something else...

When I got my DSLR a couple of years ago, little did I know the life change that would occur.I bought a Canon DSLR that also shot HD video, mostly for Microstock. I really needed experience in using it, so I signed up to do a 48 Hour Film Festival.Based on the work I did for that, I got hired to shoot a few local commercials and invited to participate in several short films.And then, based on all of that work, I was hired as Director of Photography to shoot a feature film. And then back... continue reading

Here lies Dave, he didn't know it all, but he sure tried to...

My parents cursed me when I was young... Whenever I would ask a question they would try to provide the answer. The more they answered, the more I wanted to know and thus began a lifelong obsession with learning.Now, before I get started, let me say this for the benefit of any former teachers of mine who may be reading this and wondering why my grades were so poor in Jr and Sr High...Either it was because the subject was boring or you were boring. That's why I slept through most of your class.... continue reading

Deep water and no lifegaurd in site!

I finally took the plunge and bought a Canon EOS Rebel T2i DSLR.Up to this point I've strictly done 3D renders, but I've been secretly pining for a DSLR and this one was just the right price.I'm a nerd, a geek, a four-eyed technology junkie... so I've been reading every blog, every web site I can find about the T2i.I've checked out every photography book I could at my local library and I've taken two classes on photography at a local camera store.I've even read the *gasp* user's manual from... continue reading

One Billion Dollars!

That's my goal for total earnings online before I die!I'm getting there... slowly.Last year, my total online sales from all assets on all sites was roughly $3500 (not counting eBay).This year, so far, I'm on pace to double it.I know you're gonna click on my portfolio and shake your head.But they key, I have found, is diversity and finding niches.I've stated previously in a blog that I'm primarily a video guy.My still portfolio is the result of rendering out some high resolution stills... continue reading

The Cure for Lethargy!

Ihave discovered the cure to lethargy.Well, a cure that works on me...I am mainly a video guy.I shoot hundreds of clips a week and occasionally I get some time to pick up a still camera.The past few weeks, however, I've felt lethargic... rundown... my creativity seemed like it left me entirely.Funny that a cure would show up in the mail, in the form of a book.A library book, actually.A couple months ago I discovered that my local library lets people suggest books for them to... continue reading

I am forsaken...

April 3rd and snow is still in the air.The beginning of spring is the start of a small personal hell known as allergies.But still, I look forward to its coming because I don't do cold weather well.We've had a few nice days in the upper 70's, but yesterday we had snow falling while the sun was out... a very strange phenomenon.The cold weather makes me feel trapped.I long to get outside and start taking photos and videos.There are flowers, skies and farm animals that need publicity.... continue reading

Olympic Dreams

When I was growing up I desperately wanted to be in the Olympics.In high school I was a state wrestling champion, but when I got into college, I realized the difference between high school level sports and the upper eschelon.So, now my Olympic Dreams rest on the hopes that competitive eating will make the cut in England.WOW!I'd love to go into training for that!I have been reading a lot of the blogs about submitting images and the issue of rejections.Perhaps I've just been lucky (and... continue reading

Ooo-ee gooey cream filling!

The wife has me on this diet, so I figure to cut calories I'd just dig out the cream filling of all my twinkies and throw away the cake...Maybe it's the end of summer blues, but I haven't felt very inspired the past week or so...Most of my artwork has simply been rehashing old stuff I did or looking through what other people have done to find some kind of path.I have spent dozens of hours looking through popular images and videos on various stock sites looking to reproduce my own version of... continue reading

Inspiration rhymes with perspiration

I started my foray into "stock" just over a year ago with footage.I was doing animations for friends and a view paid jobs and someone told me about a site where I could upload and sell them.At the time, I was a World of Warcrack-a-holic, typically playing 3 to 4 hours a DAY every single day.But I started to get really passionate about my animations and some minor success with the stuff I had uploaded.That led to more and more time creating animations and motion graphics and less time playing... continue reading

Zen and the art of not ticking people off

I learned something about myself this week.I'm a born troublemaker. I see calm and content and I immediately have to supply some form of mischief.Or sure, it's generally harmless, but mischief nonetheless.How did I learn this?I jumped into a conversation about a DT competitor on a popular stock discussion site and whined like a puppy getting no attention.My points were perfectly valid, but that particular thread was a happy one full of kindness and hope... and I turned it into a mudslingingfest.... continue reading

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