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My very own DSLR last

Hello again.:-)Long time, no blog-eth.Oh, well.:oops:I've had a busy year so far, and I'm a senior now at my university, so I'm focusing on finishing up and graduating.;-)But!I did make a very important purchase over last summer--I finally bought my DLSR camera.After waiting and saving up funds for four years.Way back in my first blog over here, other members commented and told me I'd probably need to upgrade from my Sony Cybershot with 7.2 megapixels.I am now the proud... continue reading

One of my Free Images In Use

Earlier this week, I decided to randomly google "EclecticElegance"Which, interestingly enough, revealed where one of my free images had been used to announce the winner of a contest on a webpage.To date, this illustration has 108 downloads in the free section.My image:Webpage: to say, I was quite excited.:-D continue reading

Another Level 2 Image!

Wow, it's been a very long time since I last blogged on here.Almost a year.Oops.But I hope all you guys have been doing well and getting lots of sales!I just had a second image get to level 2 just a couple of weeks ago!!Yay!I hope to do some more uploading soon.Still saving up for a DSLR--but I found some models shopping online that should be attainable before too long.And for right now, I've been keeping busy with working part-time and getting my bachelor's degree.I'm so... continue reading

My First Level 2 Image!! :D

Hooray!!!:D :D :DI got a sale that bumped up one of my images to a level 2 about a week ago!I got very excited when I logged in to check things today.Here's the image.It's an x-ray of me, actually.:POh, and by the way, Happy Easter, everyone!!:D continue reading

First Editorial Photo!!!! :D

Hello again!:)It's been a VERY long time since I last blogged on here.:PCollege keeps me very busy, though I really enjoy it.I had my first editorial image accepted on here several weeks ago!!!Woot!!It was taken last August on a trip to the coast of Southeast Texas.Here it is:I'm so excited about it!!!And I got a few more new uploads at the end of last year:© Eclecticelegance (Help)Now just two more images... continue reading

3 day old baby lamb, Part 2

Well, here is a little follow-up to my previous blog over here.Some more photos of the baby lamb and the mother that I took on the same day were accepted!!!My favorite picture is the second one.:)I was very excited and I can't wait until I can go back and see the baby lamb and the mother again.It's been several weeks now, so I'm sure its grown tremendously!And now I am only 6 more photos away from being at the magic number of 50 images in my porfolio!... continue reading

3 day old baby lamb!

I finally had the opportunity to take some more photos and uploaded them.They were accepted very quickly!!!I loved watching this baby sheep and the mother!!!It reminded me that spring is coming - bringing new life!Two other files uploaded since my last blog: continue reading

Long time, no see . . .

I have not posted a blog on here in a while since I have been busy with assignments for classes (that I very much enjoy, by the way).Here is my latest photo that I took on campus.I really liked the way it turned out!!I hope to be adding more soon!Then maybe before too long, I will have enough to submit to Dreamstime assignments!I keep having small sales every so often, too!(little happy dance)! continue reading

First time that isolated object sold!

Little Desire, who has been coaching me on how to improve my photos of isolated objects, recently commented that she was looking forward to when one of those photos would sell.Well, one did the other day!And right after it was approved, too!!Thank you, Little Desire, for all the advice that you gave me!!!! continue reading

Photography in Action - I sold it on Ebay!

Thanks to the help that you all here have been able to give me to help me to improve my photography skills, I sold something on Ebay last night!I used everything I had learned here to take the photos for the listing, and it sold!To see the listing and the photos, click here, and scroll down.P.S. Thank you to the user who took this picture - it fits my article perfectly! continue reading

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