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Depth of Field : Basic Quick Tip

Remember, if you shoot with a crop sensor camera you have more DOF than a full frame camera if you were to attempt framing the same shot with both types of cameras... Take the same 50mm f/1.4 lens and put it on a Full Frame D700 and then put it on a Crop D300.Assume you are shooting at f/1.4.Because of the crop factor on the D300, you need to step further back from your subject which gives you more depth of field.The same composition on the D700 will yield a background that is blurrier than... continue reading

Top 5 Reasons to Go Exclusive with DT

1) My photos get reviewed much faster.I uploaded this panorama photo less than 24 hours ago.2) My earnings instantly grew upon being accepted3) I get more $ per download4) I see my photos higher in search results... This photo of the Buddha is on page 1 for keyword "buddha." It has 1 download and has been online for less than 72 hours.5) I can spend more time taking photos instead of managing my photos with multiple stock agencies.Thanks DT.EDIT: It has been brought to... continue reading

Level 4 in Less Than 4 Months

This image of Miami has been online since 12/29/09 and as of this morning it is a Level 4 image.It is also the 18th most downloaded HDR image on DT.Looks like I did something right with this image.This my first Level 4 image so you can understand my excitement.Thanks for your attention. continue reading

Try HDR When the Light is Harsh

Recently I took a trip to Thailand.I was hoping to come back with many photos, some of which I would use for stock.One of the challenges I encountered was harsh light.When on holiday you can't see everything on your list around sunrise or sunset.You can always count on being somewhere special when the sun is overhead and just plain harsh.While I made it possible to be at some amazing places to catch the glorious light of the sunset, I was more often finding myself somewhere great with... continue reading

I'm Exclusive!

Considering the fact that I just don't have the time to deal with multiple stock sites, I applied to be exclusive with DT. I am happy to say that my application was just accepted and I got a nice little monetary bonus as well.On top of that I got my first TIFF download which also gave me my first Level 3 image!This image has been pretty successful for me going to level 3 in only 60 days!All of this just after returning from 2 weeks in Thailand has been a pleasant sequence of events.Now... continue reading

Hot Image

Looks like I've got a hot one here. It's an HDR image of the famous hotels on the Miami Beach strip.Uploaded on 12/23/09 and already to Level 2!It's also my 50th upload and I submitted my app. for exclusivity with DT.Wish me luck! continue reading

Making Time to Get the Shot

Long story short... make time to get that shot in the best light possible!The city you see in these photos is Hartford, Connecticut, USA.I drive through it every morning stuck in rush hour traffic on my way to work.For many it's just a small city with not much to offer except a place to make your money. People are in a rush, filled with road rage, can't wait to get in and cant' wait to get out.I wanted to capture the city in a different "light."Well, I waited.... I waited until the right... continue reading

Microsoft Photo Editor got me approved

Have you ever had a photo rejected due to poor lighting or contrast issues?The phrase usually reads, "Poor lighting setup, poor contrast or incorrect exposure."I have and I'm not really surprised either.Living on a budget, I am stuck working on cheap non calibrated monitors that are not very good for photo editing.So I don't always get the lighting, contrast, and exposure to a place where they are acceptable to DT.This week I had two photos rejected for that very reason.... continue reading

My first MLB (baseball) game and blog.

What an amazing 4th of July weekend.Friday was filled with my first horseback riding lesson, three rounds of Laser Tag, and a double feature at the Drive-in.While I refrained from bringing my camera to Friday's events, I could not resist bringing it to Saturday's fun.My girlfriend won tickets to the Boston Red Sox game at her company's picnic raffle and we ended up in field box seats, 11 rows from the playing field.Anyone that knows the Red Sox knows that these are extremely difficult... continue reading

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