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Photo Published! Got the book...

About a month ago, I wrote about how I found out my photo was published in a book. I saw my name in the photo credits online, but I didn't know which photo was used. Anyway, I contacted the publisher, and they graciously sent my a free copy of the book (thank you very much, Wiley!)! It ends up that the photo they used was one of Lance Mackey in the 1,000 mile Yukon Quest race start. It was so cool to see my photo printed in a book! You can see an actual picture of how it was used on my blog. continue reading

Photo Published in Book!

I am excited to announce that I have discovered that one of my photos was used in a book, Frommer's Far & Wide: A Weekly Guide to Canada's Best Travel Experiences! I found out about it in the photo credits through a Google search.The annoying thing is that I don't even know which photo they used! However, based on an analysis of my sales, this photo seems to be the most likely one. I sold a P-EL license of this image, but what confuses me is that the sale was around the time they published the... continue reading

Free Gift for Y'all, Dreamstimers!

Hey, Dreamstimers! In the giving spirit of Christmas, I have a free gift to give away that all of you will enjoy. Over this past week, I've spent many hours programming an extension for Opera Web Browser. Now it's done. It's hot off the press and you can install it here.What's an Extension/addon???Most web browsers (the programs you use to browse the Internet, i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari) allow you to extend the functionality of the browser through little... continue reading

Recent Landmarks

I have had quite a bit happen lately, and I wanted to share it with you all. I'm currently up to 58 sales. My last sale bumped my first image into Level 3.Looking further back (soon after 50 sales), I received my first payment. It was the a hard-earned $100, considering it took a couple years to obtain! :) However, I'm glad to see my camera equipment doing something productive and profitable. I'm hoping the next check comes a little faster, but my sales have been slow and cheap lately. It's inevitable... continue reading

50+ sales!

My sales have slowed down significantly recently. But you've gotta love when those little surprises occur! Ever since I made my first sale, I made at least one sale per month. Lately, I feared I would break that trend, but I still got barely one sale per month. This month was just as uneventful, that is, until this week. A couple days ago, I was surprised by a nice income sale on an image which had never been sold before. I took it last spring near Denali Nat'l Park.A backhoe was widening the area... continue reading

Watch and wait...

I find graphical and numeric statistics very interesting. Personally, the funnest part of being a member of DT for me is watching the earnings and stats grow. I have not been uploading a lot recently, but just watching my stats. I want to share with you all a fairly significant landmark in my account.This image was downloaded for the 5th time, making it my third Level 2 image. This image has been different because its popularity grew faster than any other image of mine. It was downloaded the... continue reading

Expensive Equipment--is it necessary?

A couple months ago, I read a blog on DT focusing on the use of compact point-and-shoot cameras for microstock photography. Many people who become interested in photography hold back from seriously pursuing it because they think they need expensive equipment to be a photographer. Let's delve into this deeper.First of all, this article is not discussing talent. Many people may have the expensive equipment, but not the talent, or vice-versa. Either way, chances are you will have a difficult time... continue reading

Attaining Macro Magnifications

Macro photography has intrigued me because it reveals a world of something you have never noticed before, and it blows it up to a striking life-size image.Macro photography has yielded numerous amazing discoveries in otherwise seemingly mundane subjects. Let's take a look at how to achieve macro magnifications.P&S macro settingProbably the most familiar method to all of us is the macro option on our P&S cameras, indicated by a flower icon. While this is a decent place to start, I have a... continue reading

One year with DT, what I've learned!

WOW! It has been one year already! Many may just think of DT as being a place to earn money, but it is much more than that. When I began my DT membership, I submitted every other photo I had. The result: dozens of refusals. This opened my eyes up. I looked at my photos more carefully. The result: my previously favorite images were chucked because I saw how horrible they really were (uneven focus, bad comp, CA, noise, etc.). My photographic eye was developed to a much more mature level. This is one... continue reading

Using Light in Photography

Light. It affects everything we do. Without it, we could see nothing. Our photographs would look strangely similar...plain black. Light can be what sets one photograph above another. This brings to mind when I went to the local fair this summer. Of course I went to the building with the photography exhibits. As I was browsing the pictures, I came across two prints of Mount Rushmore. They were almost exactly the same shot as far as focal length and composition went. The difference was the light. One... continue reading

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