Articles by Wenyan Wu

Try to shoot the halobios

This time I go to the aquarium to take some picutures of halobios. Before I go to the aquarium, I always very interested in how others take the wonderful picutures of halobios.When I try to take the pictures of halobios, I find that the image is very wonderful. But the biggest challenge for me is the low lightness. In the very poor lightness condition, the fish is swimming veryfast. So I can not shoot all the wonderful image. So the only way is to use a higher ISO value. But I still can't shoot... continue reading

Chinese Food

This is the first I took the picture of chinese food. For it is the first time, I found that taking a pciture of food is very difficult. You need to prepare a lot of equipments. It need to control the light very well. When I took the picture in a very open area, it is so hard to deal with the nature light and the indoor light.But taking picture of food is a very interesting thing. We always are accustomed to taste the dainty and will not focus on how nice the food is. So to find the beautiful... continue reading

The contrast of the building in the City

Now classic buildings are surrounded by the modern ones in the City.We have less and less chance to see the buildings those were very yearning.The picture is taken in a CBD in Shanghai. continue reading

Go out in the Autumn

I think the Autumn is the most beautiful season in a year. Like city in Shanghai the weatherin Autumn is very nice not like the scorching hot Summer and the freezing Winter. The weather in Autumn fits the outing of a whole family or couples.Living in a big city which filled with buildings, it's very difficult to see something about the nature. So Autumn is very good chance for me to let myself recognize that the leaves are becoming red. It can make me forget the daily work for a while.So... continue reading

Life in Amoy

In the past years I lived in Amoy. Though I have left Amoy, I still very like this city. The life in Amoy is very nice. The nice wheather and nice life style.In other cities in China, man may be can't find out the time to relax themselves in the busy daily work. But in Amoy, we just can go to the sand very day. The life style in Amoy is so nice that a lot of people want to go there to start a new life.So I always want I can have a very nice life style while I am working in shanghai. May... continue reading

Just commemorate my trip in Quanzhou

Last time I travelled to Quanzhou was three years ago. Though Quanzhou is not a big city in China, its history impressed me a lot.In my former years I lived in shanghai, which is surrounded by modern buildings. When I went to Fujian in south china, I had the chance to see what the countryside is and what the history is. I have never met such a city which was found serval thousand years age like Quanzhou.In such a city, I just made me to image the flourish of this city in the ancient time.... continue reading

Cat's story

Now I have graduated from Xiamen Unversity and go back to Shanghai to work. But when I view my pictures in my computer there are so many things touch me. The two pictures are all about the same cat in a cafe in Xiamen.I always prepare my exams in this cafe and this cat which feed by the cafe-owner will rest on the table in the cafe. Everytime I will look at it for a long time, I like to see it sleeping. In my mind it has not the trouble we have. They can live very happily and free. Sometimes... continue reading

Carl Zeiss Distagon 2.8/28mm

I have used this lens for serval months. I think it is very sharp and has a very high quality. But the most important is that it is very cheap and very light. I use this lens on 30D and 30V. When I use it on the 30V I must use a conversion ring which enable me use the CY lens on the EOS body. When I use it on the 30D, it become 45mm which makes me can use it to photo landscaple and architecture very convenient.But the reason I use it is the high quality of this lens. The resolving power of it... continue reading

The story of birds

At most I can't go wild to watch the birds. But I like to watch birds in the park and the doves in the temple. From the ancient time, the birds have flying in the sky. Birds have the unique bone structure which makes them more lighter. And the wings of the birds make a lot of people dream to fly. Every time I see the birds I will have a very special feeling. The sky is belong to them and the are much more closer to the Heaven than us.I want to photo more birds and record their life. Finding more... continue reading

Pray for the victims in the Sichuan earthquake

5/12 2008 is a sad day of all Chinese people. Thousands of our lovely Chinese people lost their life in the Sichuan earthquake. The earthquake was happened in Wenchuan, a small city in Sichuan.The disaster shocked everyone. I want to give some help to those victims, but I can't go to the scene giving them some rescue. So I pray for them everyday and I will donate my earn from my parttime job and the earn from dreamstime to those who need our help.There are no words can express the blessings... continue reading

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