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My 400th Download - Vacation Picture

I have reached my next Dreamstime milestone, download number 400, Private Property!It was taken during our family vacation on the East coast of Canada.If you are planning your next vacation and are still looking at options, Canada's East coast would be an excellent choice.One piece of advice, fly to Halifax and rent your car there.What to visit?There are too many to list here. Visit the tourism website of each province and plan your vacation accordingly.If you are the driver and want... continue reading

My 300th Download - It Fits The Season

My next DT downloading milestone happens to be my best seller.It was shot through the window of the car, while...driving shotgun in the van of my colleague that I was carpooling with. Anybody thought that the picture was a "drive by"...?No, shooting and driving is wrong, even when the trigger is actually a shutter release button.Considering that it was bought at extra large resolution, I have a feeling it is be printed in some newspaper as I write this. I want to ask for your help in locating... continue reading

Time for Action

In line with this month's assignment, I want to share something with you that I hope will inspire you to slow down a bit and consider where are we all heading to in our rush for money, money and more money.We, as the dominant species that runs the planetary show seem to have totally lost touch with the reality. What are we leaving behind for our children and grandchildren?Three months ago, I started reading a book that got me really worried. The title is Plan B 3.0 Mobilizing to Save Civilization... continue reading

My 200th Download - Almost Missed It

I have been driving by this house every day for more than a year,on my commute to and from work.Every time I looked at it, I kept telling myself: "This would make a good microstock picture"I was expecting it to be torn down, because it was in a bottle neck part of the road, but procrastination had me in it's iron grip.Finally, one Sunday afternoon, on my way to the shopping mall with my family, I decided to pull into the street and snap a few shots, ignoring my family's protests (sounds familiar?... continue reading

Achilles on Microstock Diaries

Hi Everyone,Look what I found here!Keep up the good work Serban! continue reading

21 Minutes and 48 Seconds

I did it! 21 min and 48 sec.After thinking about it for 8 years, I climbed today the 1776 (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) stairs, that is 144 flights of 12 stairs plus ten more flights of stairs, I believe these are just nine stairs per flight.Using good advice, my morning started at 5:00 a.m. Zoomed through the drive through of a Tim Hortons to pick up a dozen timbits to get me the energy for the climb and by 6:00 am I was in the parking lot beside the tower.Signed the waiver, and here... continue reading

100 pictures...old

Hurray, I finally got here!This is picture number 100:Boy, it took me a while...Anyway, the ride was fun and still is. I am happy to be a part of such a great community as DT is.I learned a lot in this year and now my goal is to submit more stock oriented pictures while trying to get myself out of the approval rating slump.I am going fishing here and will try to post picture number 100 from DT...Hmmm, no picture number 100 on DTI am wondering why.What's your guess? continue reading

Wildlife in your backyard

You know you live in the right neighborhood/town/country when you pull the curtains in the morning, and you see a little rabbit in the backyard, nonchalantly taking his/her breakfast on the patch of clover that invaded a corner of your lawn.I managed to overcome my urge to run for the camera (low light, the previous batch of “rabbit in my backyard” still on my computer instead of DT, camera in the basement, etc.) and just sat there watching for a few seconds.Do you have stories of wild life... continue reading

Same image uploaded on multiple sites

What is your experience with images that are rejected on one site but accepted on another?Do you try to fix the "issue" that got it rejected and re-submit, or you just move on? continue reading

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