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Stop a minute!

I haven't written a blog or contributed many images for ages. Due to my daughter getting married, (I'm banned from putting images on line!!) and mainly, moving house. Having emptied the house of 4 offspring we decided to go for the traditional bungalow in an English village.In beautiful surroundings it has suddenly occurred to me how limited nature photography is.. Our images, stunning though some of them are, can never capture those other senses. That warm breeze on the cheek, the soft... continue reading


Everyone must bee aware by now that there is a worldwide bee crisis, especially of the honeybee which accomplishes about 75% of the worlds plant pollination. We've also been told that should mankind disappear the planet would do very well thank you, but should insects beegone everything would die! So to I have beegun a new collection of images of all kinds of bees, but not wasps! Hopefully those interested in conservation will use our amazing pictures.Now I don't want to bee bumbling around trying... continue reading

Our national bird!

The red Robin (Erithacus Rubecula) has just been made the UK's National Bird. (About time some will say!) It may be in the news for a few days so pleasehelp me add some more images to my 'red robin' collection. These are a few already there.   Thank you in advance! continue reading

Unexpected shot

We must have all had that moment when we kick ourselves for not having a camera with us, or not been quick enough to catch that memorable moment.I remember being in the park with my husband who was casually feeding the squirrels, when one of the delightful creatures grabbed onto his finger and refused to let go. I was laughing so much at his frantic efforts to shift those wicked teeth that I failed to get the shot.However now and again we get a gift. Mine came last week when I went early into... continue reading

Make us smile!

OK, so you've had no sales, can't get even one image accepted for the assignment andit's raining hard on the one day you took off this month for photography! (Yes that's me!)Don't get depressed, I know there are loads of very witty characters on DT so turn to your funny side andpick a couple of images and add a text.Like this:-and I only get 42 cents for doing this!You could do with a breath mint!... continue reading

Bye bye Fred!

We all have a favourite model, Fred was mine.I am going to miss him terribly. All the more so because I am responsible for his demise. It took only a couple of weeks to train him to pose wherever we put a worm or two. In fact he was often posingbefore I got the worms out of their box.Soon he progressed to hand feeding:Before we knew it he was coming into the kitchen for a chat with his tea-time treat. Having 3 cats we strongly discouraged this behaviour by keeping the garden door... continue reading

chick worthy of a sale!

I'm sure all of us have photos in our portfolios that we really like but no-one is buying. This is my first ever image accepted by DT and I think the cutest of my bird images.I rescued this blue tit chick from our garden pond on his maiden flight and struggled to hold my camera in one hand whilst he balanced on the other. After he grumpily posed on my finger I put him on a tree branch to wait for his mum to collect him.Am I the only one who thinks he's full of the 'aaaah' factor?... continue reading

Photographers' Lament (for the over 50's!)

Grow old gracefully they say,I wouldn’t have it any other way.But when I struggle from my chair,I find that grace just isn’t there.And looking in the mirror I seeMy Grandma looking back at me.And when I kneel to catch that viewOf a primrose dressed in morning dew.I have to wait for a helping handTo help me stagger and finally stand.When the kids say ‘Gran, oh do be quick!’I use my tripod as a walking stick.My camera bag weighs more each dayAnd the ground gets... continue reading

Found my image online!

This evening I opened an email from a seed company advertising bird seed..and there was my image of Fred, the robin that posed for me all last winter! I will of course be buying my seeds from them this year!I wish more buyers would let us know where they use our images! continue reading

My first collection

This is not only my first blog but it's to advertise my first collection, Birds of Britain and Europe. I have so far quite a small portfolio and only a few sales but I am learning a little more everyday. Should anyone feel their image belongs in my collection feel free to message me through one of my images. It helps if the image has its latin name as well as its common one, ie 'pretty bird' will not do!:) Eggs, nestlings, and nests will also be accepted, but again only if they are clearly identified.... continue reading

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