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BIF Shooting tips

I want to share some tips and setting that works for me during the chance I have to shoot birds of prey in flight;1.Shutter speed: Cannot stress this further. Set your shutter speed as fast as you can without sacrificing too much ISO. This will allow you to capture tack sharp image of birds flying.2.Aperture: I try to use between 5.6 and 8 to have enough DoF of bird. This way you can insurethe bird in focus including specially the head/eye.3.ISO: I always capped my ISO to 1600 to 2000... continue reading

Birds of prey

I got an opportunity to join a BIF (birds if flight)photo shoot a week ago. These creatures are amazing, and it mesmerized me that sometimes i forgot to press the shutter when they glide smoothly. Sure you don't want to be in the receiving end of it's claws, Cutie Barn owl Majestic Golden eagle..... continue reading

1000$ Club of DT

I reach the 1000$ mark. I now can be a member of 1000$ club of DT...yehey!!!!Thanks to all buyer  continue reading

Everybody's Milestone...This is my.....

Milestone…I think,many of DT's contributor announced certain milestone since joining , I myself was one of them. Today I will be announcing a different kind of milestone. I surpass 5 days without a single sale, and not even subscription. But no complain ,prior to this , I just cash-in my cheque to fund my 16-35mm purchase……Thanks to all the buyers who downloaded my images and to DT.Here's my last sale 5 days ago continue reading

Searching the web

Out of my curiosity one day, I try to input my my name "Helgidinson" at the google search engine. And to my surprise several items were found. This includes stock photo website that I never heards of. Such as "Sevector" Dollarphoto club, name a few. Unfortunately these neverheard stock photo agencies has some if not all of my photos for sale. I did not even sign up or authorized these to sell my photo. How did this happen? I try to send email to the administrator, but as of now no... continue reading

Sales progress

When I start here in DT, the 1st year was soooooo slow, took me a year to reach 13$, imagine that!!.. Another year pass, I reach 100$ miles stone...feels great. But now , it's a lot better I reach my 200$ mark in about 3 mos...averaging about 30$ per months in sale...not bad for a beginner like me.Here's the image that make me reach my 200$ mark: continue reading

Making use of....

..these slides and film.I have literally hundreds of slides and film shoot back in the film days.I shoot with F100 Nikon film camera. Some of my favorite slides films are RHP-III aka Fuji Provia 100F,Kodak 100 VS, and ofcourse never forget the legendary slide film due to it's saturation the RVP-50 aka Fuji chrome velvia....i missed those days, where you have to wait for hours or sometimes days before you can see the result of your photo adventure. continue reading

100th sales mark

Just like everybody…I am celebrating my 100th sales mark….with this imagelooking positively forward to my 500th…1000th..sales…. continue reading

Blue Hour in Frankenmuth MI

Just want to shareAfter a year posting these images , at last someone like and download it......The blue Hour in Frankenmuth MI, USA. continue reading

Where does it lead to?

A hypothetical question.150,000+ contributors , 19 million+ images online, every day, competition is getting tougher and tougher each day .Creativity needs to take a notch up of each day that pass by.Just like this imagetrying to come up with something interesting about humming birds in flight.I initially thought becoming a stock contributor back in 2006 and seen possible potential , but got busy with other priorities, sostock photography was put on the side. Regrets…regrets…... continue reading

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