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Mid Term Report

It's not really a mid-term report cause I still have many more years of learning here but still.It was a bit more than a year and a half ago when I came to learn that I have something useful to do with my pictures. All those pictures I took all those years that were just laying in an album I looked at maybe once a year.Those pictures friends would occasionally glance at and say "very nice, very nice".A year and a half ago I saw a facebook post of a friend declaring about a sale he just made... continue reading

Finding your picture

So here I was, minding my own business on a restaurant bar ordering food.For some reason I starting shuffling a pile of today's newspapers when I came across one of the inner sections of the most popular newspaper.On the cover was a picture of a Clarinet.On a regular day I would pay no attention to this and I would push aside the newspapers and find something better to do but I had a memory flash that yesterday one of my clarinet pictures was sold twice.I took out my super duper smart... continue reading

My scanning experience and some advice

So as you remember from my previous blog,I decided I want to scan all my negatives.Lucky for me I am just an amateur so I found myself with only ~3000 pictures I gathered through the years that I wanted to scan (don’t worry, I won’t try to upload them all).If I were a bit more serious I would really be in trouble.And now the dilemma starts.How much money are you willing to spend on pictures that were already taken?It makes sense to invest in a new shiny DSLR because of... continue reading

Transition from film to the digital world

I am an amateur photographer.Until relatively recently I shot film and was very pleased.For years I used a basic SLR (Nikon F50) and various Nikon lenses.Most of my pictures are from being in the right place at the right time and not so much setting the lighting for my purposes.It doesn’t mean I’m completely lucky or that this is an easy task.Being in the right place in the right time includes going around the world and doing some inconvenient things I’m sure most of... continue reading

Rotating files for Portrait orientation

This is mainly for newbies.I’m talking about those pictures you shot while holding the camera rotated 90 degrees.I’m sure if you’ve been here a while you already know this.While uploading my first pictures, I saw that DT is reading the EXIF information from the jpg files.I figured, if the camera wrote the rotate flag to the EXIF, my thumbnails will be displayed correctly – standing up.Remember, the camera just sets the rotate flag to true, the file is still landscape oriented meaning... continue reading

some advice from a newbie to fresh newbies

Hi, my name is Hugo and I'm celebrating two months here, 50 photos and one sale(!) from a few days ago.I am new to stock photography and pretty new at digital photography.I have learned so much the past two months I hope newbies will read this before they start.Here are some of the things I learned so far:1. Be Patient! - You are given credit to upload many pictures per day as a new member. If you are new at stock photography, don’t just take a bunch of photos you or your friends... continue reading

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