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Amazing Journey

Last year at this time, I had only been a member of DT for a few months, I felt a little like I was drowning trying to learn everything I could and "catch up". I was doing my best to get the 50 photos online so that I could become exclusive.A year later, I have 216 photos online, have started a website blog about my journey, get more and more sales all the time and have had an amazing year!I take my camera with me darn near everywhere I go. I have traveled more this year than any other and I... continue reading

Photography Resources

I am fairly new to photography, well officially, and since joining DT a year and a half ago have improved tremendously!My photography is a hobby, which I would love to make a career of someday, that I truely enjoy learning about and improving on.DT has assisted me in all of this along my journey.My guess is that I am not the only one who has limited time available and any good photography resources would be helpful to.I have found a few of these resources that I just thought I would share:... continue reading

First Goal for 2014

Last year, my first year with DT, I successfully uploaded 50 photos.That was a tremendous feat for me being so new to everything.This year it has been my goal to attain my 100th upload.This year I reached this goal in less than five months. It is only my first goal for the year and thanks to my beautifully photogenic calves and a couple sightseeing photography day trips, I have done it!It really is inspiring to shoot more and more every time I achieve a goal.I have an upcoming vacation... continue reading

Advice for Motivation

I admit I have been in a bit of a photography slump lately waiting on the beauties of spring to appear after a treacherously cold hard long winter.I happened to be reading a website about stock photography and read the best advice for me at the time:SHOOT AS MANY THINGS AS YOU CAN AND UPLOAD AS MANY PHOTOS PER WEEK AS POSSIBLEThis proved to be the motivation I needed to do just that so I decided to pass it on to everyone here.Since then I have had a few images reviewed and most accepted!... continue reading

Spring 2014

I have always thought that summer is my favorite season. I love the warmth and long days. This year, however, the emergence of spring is a long-awaited event.Our extremely cold long winter has made me feel like I live in the arctic tundra. Just over 1 week ago we had wind chills of -20 degrees and now 40's and 50's.What a change in such a short period, but a very welcome change.Signs of spring are beginning to pop up all around. The snow is almost gone, little bits of green can be seen in... continue reading

My First Assignment

I couldn't wait until I had 50 uploads in my portfolio so that I could try my hand at the assignments. The current assignment is the first I qualified to participate in. I finally found a photo that I thought might be worthy of being accepted to the "all in white" assignment.When I discovered this lonely wooden cross it said so much. I knew I had to shoot it!I climbed a mountain of snow and sunk to my knees to get this shot. Winter is not usually my thing but, it was worth it. This morning... continue reading

Winter is Not My Favorite Season

I will be the first to admit that winter is my least favorite time of year. Living in the mid west USA, we suffer through some brutal cold winters (like this year) and some very snowy ones. I always dread this time of year and often wish I could hibernate as bears do!That being said, my love of photography has forced me out this winter. I haven't ever photographed much in cold weather due to this wanting to just stay inside and enjoy the warmth. This year my portfolio here at DT has forced me... continue reading

On the right track

This new year has started off with many things happening for me! I have had 3 sales (one of which was my first non-credit sale!), I recently became exclusive (yay!) and I have been trying out some new photo ideas (which have not exactly panned out the way I had envisioned).With these sales comes a little more self confidence, which is always a wonderful feeling.I have also been testing out some new equipment and new photo ideas, which have not been good for my approval ratio.I will get better... continue reading

To Be Exclusive or Not

As I near the 50 required uploads to be an exclusive photographer on DT, I have been doing a lot of thinking about being exclusive or not. I have looked over the benefits time and time again.The benefits are great and it also takes tons of time uploading to multiple sites and DT seems to be one of the easiest as far as processes for uploading, titling, keyworkding, etc.I also love the management area setup here.These are all great plusses for a new person who is not only new to stock, but... continue reading

On My Way!

A few months ago I purchased my first "real" camera.I have always loved photographing everything but never thought about doing it for any profit.While online trying to teach myself about photography, I stumbled on the DT website.At first, my thoughts were "stock-what?"I hadn't ever considered where photographs used for everything came from.I decided, after a few weeks of thinking it over and learning/shooting as much as I had free time for, that maybe I would try submitting something... continue reading

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