Articles by Jennifer Pitiquen

Now the IRS Knows About My DT Income...Goodie!

When I started with DT, it was beyond my imagination that I will sell even a fraction of what I have sold so far.This tax filing year is the first time I was 1099’d, hence required to include my DT earnings to our income tax reporting. Perhaps it’s an untheorized reflex that when there’s a new income that the IRS needs to know about, the initial response is that of a frown, as it might result to a potential up movement to the next bracket—exactly the reaction I received from my husband as... continue reading

My Daughter Now Shoots, Too!

Three weeks ago, in preparation for a skiing trip I switched my Canon Rebel with my eighteen year old daughter’s Lumix G1—I needed something more compact that I can take along with me up and down the slopes and still be able to take some decent enough pictures if not for stock submission.So off she went back to college with the Rebel and Tamron 18-270mm lens.[The long of the short of the snowboarding trip is, one, I wasn't able to take decent photos up the slope. Two and more painfully, I realized that I am too old or perhaps out of shape (or both) to expect to be able to do the things I was able to do in my 30’s, which if I may add, was only about four years ago. Shortly afte continue reading

Silver Lining To A Traffic Ticket

We enjoyed a three-day weekend here in the US in celebration of Labor Day.An opportune time for me to complete my Traffic School (joy!) especially because it is due in court this coming Monday![The side story to this is yes, I was pulled over because allegedly I did a rolling stop.I fought this via written trial but was found guilty anyway.If you guessed that I strongly disagree with this conviction, you are right, but that’s another story.But hey, second traffic ticket in twenty-five years of driving. I find a little peace in that.]... continue reading

Ahhhh… August!

What an amazing month it's been for me!This month marked my 20th wedding anniversary.Coincidentally, the family also went for what happened to be my eldest daughter’s first intercontinental trip—we went to the Philippines, Hongkong and Macau, China.(We wrapped up the month by taking our eldest to college—also very exciting… for her, that is.Definitely not for me :(( but it’s fine).But my excitement didn’t stop there, I recall opening my DT account one morning while we were... continue reading

Onward to 2nd K!

At exactly a year and 7-months here, today, I am a humbled member of the $1K celebrants here on DT.Do I believe it?Well, those numbers up there on the right hand corner of my screen tell me so!I remember being less than a dollar away from my first hundred and not wanting to even allude to it, to anyone, for fear than I’ll jinx myself and not reach that milestone.I can tell you, I now know waaay lot better than that.And so with much confidence and faith in the DT marketing system, I say... continue reading

Give It Your Best Shot!

“It won’t be long for our friend Lina, do you think you can help me put together a slideshow tribute,” says the email I received today at work.As I sit her sorting through the photos I’ve collected of our friend Lina over the past few years and as I wait for more photos from friends to come in my Inbox, I started to think about life.My religious background taught me that death is just a separation, merely moving from temporal life here on earth into eternity.But really, what happens... continue reading

A Watched Pot Never Boils!

Well, mine finally did.Two days of watching... two days of being only $0.32 away from a next paycheck... this image did it, at 4 credits = $0.32+++++!I chuckled at my kids' and husband's reaction when I turned on the pc and aired an assertive, "YES!"They knew that that 'yes' marked the end of my two-day $0.32 mantra!As a hobbyist, all sales I make here are special, but this particular one indulged me to a bonus milestone.You see, tomorrow marks my Year One of being a DT'er.There... continue reading

Goodness Gracious, Me Oh My!

Today, I get to add an item to my DT list of firsts.I opened my profile [to compliment my friend of the harvest she shared with me which I took a picture of and was accepted].Before I was able to show her the picture, the sudden increase in my earnings caught my eyes.I excitedly clicked it.... and much to my surprise, a P-EL sale!Goodness gracious, what an exciting discovery!Reading blogs about sales like this have always inspired me that one day it’ll happen to me and how awesome that... continue reading

Silly Holidays!

Today is "the" National Watermelon Day here in the US…I bet you didn’t know that. I didn’t either until I heard it in the morning news today.I don’t know what the significance is of this day to many but obviously there is for some otherwise why did August 3rd become the official day for it.Just for giggles, I googled other bizarre “holidays”.And just for the month of August, here’s what my “diligent research” found:For the Month:Admit You're Happy MonthFamily Fun... continue reading

Keymentoring: What a Neat Feature!

A month and a half short of a year of being a contributor here at Dreamstime, this place continues to awe me!Over the weekend I had a few downloads and one of them was this image— five credits it earned me, I was very pleased!I will find out later that there was someone else behind the scene who connected this image to the buyer.As a part of my learning process, I always check the keyword the buyer sought after.In this particular download, that word was “nautilus”.Nautilus?Hmmm,... continue reading

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