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Found my pictures in use

For a long while, my attempts to find where my pictures have been used were not successful.In the last two weeks or so, things started to change.I was looking for some hotel information and a link of a hotel led me to the South Padre Island Visitor Guide.It was quite a pleasant surprise to encounter one of my pictures there:With that, I thought I would do the search again.In the last couple of days, I started to find my pictures online:These two pictureshave been... continue reading

Charro Days: a cowboy fiesta

Around this time every year in south Texas, on the border of the US and Mexico, the week-long event of Charro Days has been celebrated by the people from both side of the border for the last 73 years.During this week, the "charro", a dashing Mexican cowboy, has been celebrated as a bi-national event.People from the neighboring city of Brownsville (Texas, US) and Matamoros (Tamaulipas, Mexico) come together, celebrate their shared heritage, common traditions and international friendship.... continue reading

My first TIFF sale

Just a week after the announcement of TIFF availability, I opened up my account and got a pleasant surprise:one of my image got a TIFF sale.It was among my favorites.Taken in a alleyway in a historical downtown at sunset.Until then I had been only loading JPG.Now I am thinking about sending in some RAW format.I don't know how many people prefer the extra flexibility but with more post-processing work.Just curious, how many of you regularly send in RAW files and how are you doing... continue reading

Black Friday

Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving day in US, when Christmas shopping begins.While many worry about how to cook the big bird, others have something different in mind: to get the best spot in line for the Black Friday sale.Some people skip Thanksgiving to camp outside the store, others move their party to the campsite in the overnight waiting line.Stores open very early in the morning.At 5am, the final wait can be quite exciting.... continue reading

Sand Masters at work II

It is an amazing feeling to be able to witness the creation of art in progress.It is even better when the art is created outdoor, under a beautiful blue sky, by the sea.That might be why sandcastle events are so attractive.Building a masterpiece sandcastle is an incredible undertaking.Not only does one need to have creative vision, one also needs heavy-duty labor as well as delicate skills to make the vision into reality.Playing... continue reading

Sand Master at work

In October, when some Northern states are covered with snow, there is a very different view in South Padre Island, a barrier island on the Texas Gulf coast in America.For the last 22 years, artists from all over the world came to the Sand Castle Days on South Padre Island, creating amazing sand sculptures.With the open beach as their studio, their masterpieces attract and inspire people of all ages.With creative ideas and skillful hands, these master of sand transform piles and buckets... continue reading

Colorful Puerto Rico

When I think of Puerto Rico, images come in so many different colors:The rich blue of Caribbean Sea is framed by palm leaves to form a picture-perfect tropical paradise:The solid earth-tone fortresses on the seaside are strong reminders of those troubled times in history, when the ocean front was not prime real estate but a source of incoming attack.In Old San Juan, the capitol stands out in cool grayish marble, beautiful... continue reading

Ice and snow

It's cold.Days are short and everything turns black and white.No big fan of cold days, I found a camera could make winter much more interesting.I found that gardens can still be pretty in a totally different way.There might not be colorful flowers or greenery, but the objects in the garden really stand out against a nice clean background (especially after a snow storm):I can stay nice and cozy inside, and still capture something from a window when the snow gives the... continue reading

Try something new

I have many gorilla pictures, some online and more in the archive.I always like their very expressive faces as well as their expressive postures.Since the pictures were taken in a zoo, the backgrounds were not always attractive.I captured a great look on a gorilla one day and really wanted to make it more interesting.So I started to play with it and finally came up with a gorilla on a dark walkway of an old building, ready to run.It took me a while but eventually the surreal scenery came... continue reading

100 files online!

I have finally reached 100 files online.113 as I write this blog!Looking at the numbers some of you have, sometimes I wonder when I will ever be able to make it that far.Then again, I did reach 100 from 0!In little over three months, stock photography has gone from something I read in the magazine to something I experience in daily life.It certainly does not feel remote anymore.The selection and submission process seems to be long, and waiting for judgment seems to be even longer.But... continue reading

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