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Approaching 200th Sale

Rather than writing about having 200 sales, I thought it’d be fun to think of what I could have done differently so that rather than having 200 sales, I could have been approaching my 500th sale. You know, the “woulda, coulda, shoulda”s.The first thought that comes to mind, of course, was the reckless uploading in the beginning.The rejections were more than just rejections, if you know what I mean.It’s not so much that one of my images didn’t get accepted, it was more like rubbing... continue reading

Finally, my 100th sale!

I'm beyond giddy after finding out I've got my 100th download since joining Dreamstime today.What feels even better is that it's the largest download/sale I've ever had (a Level 5 download).Thanks to everyone who has helped me along the way...not to mention all the purchasers. :)Joe100th Download Image continue reading

365th Day

On October 10, 2007, I joined Dreamstime.Today marks the 365th day that I am a contributing member of Dreamstime.(One of the first shots approved)(Shot with my new DSLR at the time)(August 2008)(Learning a new technique in HDR)I am convinced that Dreamstime is the best stock photography site out there.For one, I find the admin. staff here extremely responsive on the forum and by emails.I really like the fact that many admins. are active... continue reading

Bias against my home

I’ll be the first to admit that I often felt that my hometown, Toronto, has nothing special.I often make fun of how boring my city is.Flat landscape.Lack of history.I often felt that Toronto is no comparison to Europe or Asia in its richness for its history, and consequently, its architectures and the city laid out are very 1970ish.That feeling was more pronounced after my trip to the Mediterranean Sea.Heading back to Toronto was depressing.For aperiod of 14 days spent in Europe... continue reading

Dream Trip

Imagine yourself traveling back in time.Where would you want go?What would you want to see?For me, I had always wanted to go back in time to when the pyramids were being constructed.Or travel back in time to when the Parthenonwas used religiously as a place of worship for the goddess Athena in Athens, Greece.Or go back in time to see the power and glory of the early Roman empire.All of these ancient civilizations played a significant role in shaping our modern civilizations today.... continue reading

DSLR , whoa what a difference!

Excited.Thrilled.Eager.These are some of the emotions that I felt when I first found out about stock photography.Receiving money for taking photos of random objects?How great was that?Well, that was back in October.A massive upload of photographs later - a big slap in the face.A true wake up call.Shortly thereafter, these emotions set in: dejected, disappointed, embarrassed, confused.Ex-rookie photographers will recall how emotionally traumatizing it was when it seemed... continue reading

Reflection on my 2007

My 2007 was one my best years yet.Exciting events had taken place that I never envisioned possible.For one, I finally got to travel to the Rockies in the west coast of Canada.In preparation for my trip to the Rockies, I went out and bought myself a Sony DSC-H5.A rather siginficant upgrade from what I had owned before - a 3 MP Kodak Easyshare.Although the trip itself was more than a humbling experience, my photos turned out disappointing - the quality of my shots of the Rockies and various... continue reading

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