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A new place to explore.....shoot!

This month has been pretty exciting for my family.Changes are happening.My eldest going on senior high and my youngest to senior kinder.But what's really getting me and wife fired up is the product of all these change, a new place!Yep, we moved up the mountains.A thriving town called Antipolo here in the Philippines.It's where the boys' schools are thus the logical physical move.This means a new playground for me.A chance to shoot and explore the streets of this town.I haven'... continue reading

Sticks Night Shoot

I've said it quite a lot in the past that I am thankful to be blessed with a job that has literally taken me to a lot of places, and has given me unique opportunities to meet very interesting people....I still am thankful and will continue to be.One such magazine assignment gave birth to a regular gig for me with a furniture design house.I can't really explain why I love this place....maybe it's the layout, or the designs... or maybe because the owner/designer is such a nice guy!The showroom... continue reading

Simple Lighting Set Up

2011 has been great!Lots of firsts and great opportunities!Let's all wish everyone an awesome and productive 2012!For my first blog entry this year,I would like to share how I lit for the images you will see below.My client asked me to photograph their past awards and trophies with some drama in the lighting.Not really sure for what they'll use if for but that's really beyond my business.This is really simple,I used two strobes here and zoomed both to 105mm to produce small beams... continue reading

Point and Shoot Fun

While some (or most) photographers would prefer to lug their DSLR's around all the time, others would rather have a compact cam always tucked into their pockets for some quick snaps where ever they go.These days, technology has already caught up with the demands of photographers and have developed compact cams with full manual control features.But this comes with a price.For the budget conscious, they would rather buy compact-point-and-shoot-cams.But this should not mean that you will put... continue reading

Beauty In a Box

It is often suggested that beauty shoots should be lit with big, soft lights.But what if you can't fit those big light modifiers in the room?As was the case for this project.With space constraint,I decided that I can use that small space to my advantage.Instead of brining in big light modifiers,I turned that small space into some sort of a giant light tent.We covered the walls on each side and at the back of our subject with white styrofoam and bounced light off them....voila!... continue reading

A Quickie Shoot with a Household Name

Once again, my apologies for being quiet for a while.I've been spending my downtime sleeping 'cause it's been really busy the past months.Anyway, if you're from the Philippines, I'm sure you're familiar with the brand name Mama Sita.Am truly thankful that I got the rare chance to photograph the son of the woman who started this business which eventually became a household name among almost every filipino kitchen.A busy person that he is,I knew that I had to keep the shoot as quick as... continue reading

There's Not Enough Light

Just in case you don't know yet....I would like to share with you this very old trick.If in the future you'll get an assignment to shoot someone who's supposedly looking onto a computer monitor or a TV and wants the effect that the monitor is illuminating their face, forget about trying to capture that available light from the monitor to light your subject's face.It is just too weak.Instead, put a speedlight there, zoom it out to its widest angle and set it at its lowest power and you'll... continue reading

Brief Moment With A Legend

Apologies for the long quiet time,it's been quite crazy these past few months.Anyways....Above everthing else, what I'm really thankful about my profession is that I am able to meet a lot of interesting people.And every now and then, you get the unique opportunity to shoot a legend.You don't say no to an assignment like that!Lucky for me I had time and managed to include the rare opportunity to shoot boxing legend, Gerry Penalosa, that day.Though this shoot/interview sked granted... continue reading

Simple Color Scheme

When my writer and I walked into the stadium where we will interview and shoot Smart Gilas Coach Toroman,I knew right away where and how to shoot him.The red seats on the bleacher would make an excellent element for the portrait.His wearing a blue jersey put the icing on the cake.I got the idea for the color scheme from the small Philippine flag printed on his jersey and figured I could/should use that for his portrait.To stick with the color scheme I had in mind,I drowned out all... continue reading

An Invitation from A Filipino

Finally I was able to get myself to do that long over due hard drive inventory the other day.It's a good habit I'm forcing myself into (with great difficulty!) just so I can properly archive my files.I chanced upon this photo which I took over a year ago when I was sent to Davao, Mindanao.I was in that city for less than a day and a half to take a portrait of a business man which my client was doing a story on.After the day's assignment, I decided to heed our hotel front desk officer'... continue reading

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