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A year ago one of the contributors of DT, a great person and a great photographer and designer, Richard Hoffkins (Macdaddy) did a generous thing:he bought pictures from 15 newbies, and I was lucky to be one of them. He then posted a blog article (15 Lucky Newcomers To DT) presenting our pictures.The day he bought my pics was special for me, as for the first time I had more than one picture bought.I remember how inspired I was to be chosen for that blog, and now after a year I’d like to... continue reading

First assignment image approved ever!

I was reflecting for a while (half an hour I think:)) whether to write this blog or not and if it’s right to write a blog about assignment image.But I just couldn't keep myself from doing it) It means so much for me! First image approved for assignment.My first attempt for this assignment (and the second ever) was not successful, and I felt rather disappointed as I spent several days drawing it.But then it was approved as a regular image and at that time it was enough for me.I wasn't going... continue reading

Happy 1st of April)))

The city I live in – Odessa – is considered by Ukrainians and its inhabitants a capital of humour. I don’t know whether it’s Odessa’s warm climate (the city is located on the cost of the Black Sea), or there’s just something in the air, but people here are very open-minded and with a good sense of humour. That’s why every year on the April 1st we celebrate the Day of Humour with a traditional parade, different competitions and concerts. This is the day when you shouldn’t believe anyone,... continue reading

Our obsessions might be useful)

It seems that spring has finally come to Odessa. The sun is shining bright trying to wake up earth, trees and flowers. And I’m looking forward for the first leaves on the trees and flower buds to shoot (it’s funny how materialistic I’ve become thinking of the surrounding world only in the terms of shooting:)).But only a couple of weeks ago the weather was quite dull. No sparkling snow, but fog and gray air outside instead … That’s why I had to look for something to shoot at home.... continue reading

My first year at DT

Today a year ago my first batch of pictures was accepted by DT. Here is one of them:I remember how excited I was about it. At that moment I thought: "This is it, I’m going to become a great photographer, and surely famous with my pictures all over the world"))). But in a couple of weeks I had to face stark reality. No sales at all. I checked every hour waiting for the first sale, fondly believing that the more times I press renew button the more chances to sell I got. Wrong assumption)... continue reading

First Level 2 Image!

Wow! It has finally happened to me! One of my pictures has just become Level 2!I've been wondering today when it could possibly happen, and just out of the blue such a surprise: 2 downloads in a row)This is the pictureThank you unknown buyer!) continue reading

Snow Magic

I live in Odessa - a beautiful resort city in the Southern part of Ukraine. I think I'm very lucky I was born here because of its magical atmosphere. Once you come to this Pearl at the Black Sea, it remains in your heart forever. Usually we have hot summers and mild winters.But this winter is special. Like everywhere all over the world - it's very snowy. And it makes me so happy! I can't explain why I get so excited about snow. Perhaps it’s a feeling of different reality, or a fairy tale,... continue reading

I’ve done it! Another milestone at DT.

I’ve done it! Finally got 100 images at DT!I started 7 months ago, and at first it was rather difficult to me with all these rejections and rare sales. But then things started changing. I read carefully explanations of why my photos were rejected, if it was possible I corrected my mistakes, I searched through the database, read blog articles (thanks to the people writing them). And step by step my acceptance ratio increased and sales as well! Moreover, I started looking for other ways of expressing... continue reading

My first illustration!

At weekends I decided to try something new, and with my mind being fully occupied with Christmas and New Year I created my first illustration – two golden bells with holly, red ribbon and bow. And yesterday it was accepted! I’m just so happy about it. It always raises my spirit when creating something new gives such good results. Now thinking of drawing other illustrations (just have to turn on my imagination:)), as the process itself is very interesting and creative and makes me look at the things... continue reading

Beautiful Prague

These days it’s a month since I went to Prague to Depeche Mode concert. Apart from the concert which is beyond any descriptions (these guys are incredible and unrivaled!) and which I’m still recovering from:), I was impressed by Prague. This was my first time in this city and it was definitely love from first site. Prague is beautiful and splendour, glorious and noble, and at the same time so homey. Every stone in this city, its every part breathes history.One can enjoy majestic architecture... continue reading

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