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A quiet Year

After a Barnstorming year in 2011 where I uploaded 425 images I kinda had a quiet year in terms of producing stock images in 2012 uploading just 40 odd images.However I am returning this year with hopefully a little more motivation and some new toys, I guess 2012 just got away from me in terms of time and whilst I did take lots of pictures many of them languish un-edited hidden away on my hard drive.Sales for me over the period of inactivity have slumped dramatically so I am determined this... continue reading

New lens and hopefully some more pictures

I have been very quiet on the photography front for a few monhs, winter was brutal and cold and planting season is always very busy!However I have taken some of my macrostock earnings and invested in a couple of new lenses, the Tamron 17-50mm f.8 and the Sigma 50mm f2.8 Macro...I have reviewed the Sigma on my Website and have to admit to being incredibly impressed, I'm aware that macro images do not sell massively on stock but I love shooting iny things so it works for me and if I make a few... continue reading

Working on concepts...

The start of 2012 has proved a difficult year for inspiration for me and have not really been sure what to photograph so my monthly growth has slipped from 30 or 40 imges a month down to just 4 or 5 at the moment...Not exactly a stellar start to the year, I am determined this year to concentrate on images that have a strong conceptual use and try a few different things, rather than simply taking photographs that meet the technical requirements of DT.These are amongst my first 2 attempts at a strong... continue reading

One Year In

I guess it is really two years in, I initially submitted some photography in January 2010 but failed the submission process and I go t a little demoralised so I wwent away and did a 365 Project to force me to learn the nuances of my camera and improve a little...I resubmitted at the start of January in 2011 and sailed through with the photogrph to the left being one of my original submissions and still one of my favourites photogrpahs, although I have subsequently learnt that favourite photographs... continue reading

Change Up!

It seems as though I have spent almost all of 2011 trying to take solid commercial images for stock agencies and have had a whale of a time and learnt a great deal.Having said that over recent weeks my pot of ideas has dried up and my motivation has started to dip a little and was not enjoying taking photographs as much as I had previously!So i set aside the constant drive to produce stock photographs and decided to take photographs that I like and see how they faired, like this image of the... continue reading

From a cotton reel to Muffins

In 117 Sales :DIt has been a jolly good weekend for kme here at dreamstime, I had been hovering close to my first payout since last week and what do you know the sales dried up, but this weekend I sold three and broke through that elusive 100 USD mark :DI initially signed up in Jan 2010 but never made it through the submission process so I went away fairly quickly with my tail between my legs, I actually did a 365 project in an attempt to learn more about my new camera and on Jan 2nd 2011... continue reading

New Lens and 400 Images

I took a wee rip to Budapest a couple of weeks ago to celebrate my wifes buffday and picked myself up a second hand canon 50mm prime lens...Happy buffday wifey ;)No pictures from the trip as we were celebrting so was not stopping every few minutes to take pictures but have had a play around since!I am really pleased with my purchase the lens is much faster than I am used to and I have given it a bit of a run and has helped me step over the 400 image mark on my portfolio :DIt is the end of... continue reading

Preparing for winter

In preparation for the long cold winter months I have been on a bit of a spending spree to helo me produce new content over winter and my first purchase was a light cube, I had been using an array of stuff to get a studio type shot.Including glasses, clothes pegs bits of paper and the top of a fridge freezer to get some shots against a white back ground.I wanted to be able to have a little more control and something a little more sturdy so that I could work on some different idea but I was... continue reading

10 stop ND Filter, My Experience...

Black Glass, 10stop filter, ND1000, ND3.0 call it what you will but I have been out shooting with a BW110 10 stop filter that I purchased recently and thought I would share my experiences a little more closely than in my ast blog where I mentioned it briefly.I had been entranced by some of the images that I saw on various fora using one of these and thought that it would provide an interesting way to get RF photographs in places where it is smoetime difficult to get them.Typically the get used... continue reading

Out in the city with a new toy!

I wrote about some of my plans for a visit to Budapest a couple of weeks ago and was happy to see that 11 out of my 12 images were accepted over the last few days.I do not get out in the cit and shoot architecture very often as I live in the middle of nowhere but did learn some new things and also got a chance to put my new toy into action!TimingBudapest is a beautiful city day or night but as in all cities it does have its ugly side, at night it is dealt with by dramatically lighting the... continue reading

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