Articles by Lukasz Tymszan

Happy New Year!!

I wish to all of you DT members all the best in the new year.I wish all your dreams will come true and you'll find all the love and joy with the families and friends.Good luck.Łukasz continue reading

Happy New Year, here and there!!

Hi to all, my friends!.For those who had celebrations, who are just in the middle or before the party. For all my friends and fallow contributors and designers here at Dreamstime. I wish you all Happy New Year 2009. Let all your dreams and plans come true, let the happieness surround you and your lovely ones. Stay in joy and calm for the whole year long.Getting back for a party.CheersLukasz continue reading

Summer time

Summer Time is here.Can you feel the summer in the air? It's warmer outside and so much sun. Lot's of new possibilities to have rest from our day job and to take wanderfull summer shots.I'm planning to do the same. Take my models outside to some interesting surroundings – park, beach, forrest or a lake. I want to feel the pleasure of the summer time and to have some joy taking pictures.I'm thinking of a places, time when to shoot and clothing and mood of my models.And in a few weeks... continue reading

Future close

Hi.We're just after Christmas waiting for the turn of the year.Many of us thinks of future. How it would be, what will change.I have the same looking forward my close future to come.I have new good job, some photographic plans for 2008 and lot's of promises I've made to myself to manage in the future.Hope all of us will do good.I wish you all the best in the next 2008 year. Hope all your plans will realize and you'll get lot's of joy and happiness.LukaszP.S. And you should... continue reading

Important Day

Hi.Tuesday is a very important day in my life. I have my last recruitment meeting in one of the biggest polish banks.I know I'm well prepared. I've done my homework. I know I have all required skills and abilities but now I feel so nervous. It's making me angry cause my nerves are under control.. I can't find anything to relax and keep calm inside. Each hour I'mcloser to that point I feel like going out of my mind.I tried to learn but couldn't focus myself. I watched TV but it was kind of... continue reading

Cleaning up my portfolio

Today I decided to clean up my portfolio.I looked at all my old images and choose all those without any sale. I put them in the free section. I hope somebody will find them interesting to use somewhere. I think it's the good way to make a kind of refreshment of ones portfolio.I was thinking meanwhile is it a good thing to give some of my images for free.Especially whan it has highresolution.. and when I probably have them on other sites. So I thought I'll do it just for a week or so. I'll give... continue reading

Sport Event

Yesterday I went to Berlin to support my best friend who took part inBerlin Marathon 2007. More than 40 thousands people took part in that great sport event. It was my first time to be so close in to real human competition.It was really cool to be there. You could feel the energy and an atmosphere of happiness and joy connected with concentration and attention of runners. All of them were waiting for the final shot. All of them were having joy to be there. All of them were waiting for all the... continue reading

Hope of september

It's the first day of September and I've just found out to have my first sale. So for me having that 0,50 at the first day of the last months of summer is just great. I hope all months and maybe the whole season (like autumn and winter) is gonna be good.But can I expect that having that kind of portfolio like mine.. I heard that summer month are the worst during a year. But for me august was very good and that is why I do hope it'll be better all the year.The other thing is that I have changed... continue reading

Being so open..

Am I maybe the only person who is blogging about my personal things like family,thought or ideas? I wish my english was better to give you some of my advices or maybe my photographic background was better to tell about tips and tricks. Maybe I should try one day.I know one day I'll write you my story. About a guy who as a member of Rotary Club International traveled to some faraway countries and found out a pleasure of holding moments on the pictures. But if you really want to hear about it.... continue reading

Home alone

My home is empty. I was left alone with my dog at my big house and I don't know what to do with myself on the lonely evenings.My daughter is with her grand parents on holiday and my wife's just joined them. These days are the last summer days this year although it 's got cold and cloudy.So I'm alone thinking about my life and my passions. One could say it's a great opportunity to change one of the rooms into studio, invite some young models and take lot's of great images in a calm and silent... continue reading

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