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A Numbers Game – What Does It Really Mean?

Uploading lots of imagesIf you are new to stock photography business, you have probably heard that stock photography is “a numbers game”. And numbers – that means lots of images, right? So, you set a goal to upload 20 or 50 or 100 images per month, or maybe per day, and start to upload everything you can to finally have some sales.You create a beautiful table top setting, which looks really cool. You find just the right lighting for the scene, which brings out the nice texture of your cake and... continue reading

The Most Important Things about Photoshop all Beginners Must Know

All dedicated beginners usually already know that with the help of Photoshop you can heal the photos, clone the background, move the objects, adjust skin tones, and do many many amazing tricks, and there are lot of tutorials out there to guide you.But I want to talk about some main principles what to consider when you think about becoming a Photoshop user, or just have become one.(1) Photoshop don’t have brains, and it doesn’t know by itself how to improve your photosObviously it’s clear... continue reading

If Dreamstime Was A Country

Hmm... that's what I learned today :))If was a country, it would be larger than Montenegro with its 667,052 daily visitors!This means you would need at least 7 Barcelona Camp Nou stadiums to seat the visitors.If these 667,052 daily visitors stand hand in hand and form one long straight line, it would be 747 kilometers long.'m not sure if these numbers are correct, but this unexpected view on website traffic was quite a cute.... continue reading

Tangerine Tango - Color of the Year for 2012

It's time to find your spatulas, sandpapers, polishing bricks, masking tapes, jar opener, paint mixing sticks and brushes, and paint your walls with a spirited reddish orange Tangerine Tango.Pantone revealed Tangerine Tango as a Color of the Year for 2012.Shall we see more images with orange salmon meat and vegetables, warm terracotta backgrounds and interiors, models wearing vivid reddish outfits, surrounded by dramatic orange props, fiery sunsets and landscapes, graphics and illustrations?... continue reading

Admins and Reviewers Contest - WINNERS!!!

Who knows the stock market like the back of his hand? Who knows, will isolated happy smiling businessmen sell better than grunge backgrounds? Are there a huge need for beautiful wildlife shots? Or will photos of everyday items sell better? Will vectors or photo manipulations find their way onto the designers artboards? Whose words you'd need to pay more attention on Message Boards? Whose suggestions you can trust?It's time to reveal THE WINNERS of our dear admins and reviewers Stock Rank Game... continue reading

Starry Nights and Old Papers Images Collections

Here are two new stock images collections created:The Starry Night Stock Images and Old Paper Stock ImagesSTARRY NIGHTSI have always loved dark starry August nights. When you rise your eyes, you can see the grandiosity of the Universe, and feel how small you are compared to that vast expanse of galaxies. And this feeling is not scary at all. I can feel my legs standing strong on the ground and I feel myself powerful. I feel we all are powerful. We have been created so small and seemingly negligible,... continue reading

Admins and Reviewers Contest - 2nd Half

Today, on Tuesday, February 8, 2011 at 00:00 GMT started the second half of Admins and Reviewers Contest. For today there have been 10 of 20 admins (50%) who have participated in the competition more or less. Within 6 months they have played 892 games, with total average percentage 72.42% (I didn't count 0-gamers). But the second half of the Contest has just begun and everyone has a chance to leave the arena with honor and glory in the end.Our top admins started with scores:1. Constantin -... continue reading

Payment In The Lightspeed

Wow...Payment requested: Feb 1st, 2011 15:15Payment received: Feb 1st, 2011 15:23Can you beat it? ;)Thank you Dreamstime for the excellent service! continue reading

DT Image on the Government Wall

I browsed todays newspapers, and what did I see... a beautiful Dreamstime image on the wall of the Ministry of Social Affairs of Estonia!Great photo and what an honorable place!It's "Child with apple" by Jeecis.Congratulations!Link is here: Eesti Päevaleht continue reading

Admins and Reviewers Contest

There are always contests for submitters and buyers. Now it's time to test out our dear admins and reviewers. We all love you, so you can be sure about 100% support from us in this.Here's a deal: The Game has proven to be a great tool in evaluating somebody's stock orientation. So I thought, it's time to test how stock oriented are our admins and reviewers. Who does it the best and whom should everyone else listen to in the office.And, here are the current results:1. Constantin - 85(... continue reading

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