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Setting goals for 2009

As of December 31st, our total earnings on Dreamstime will be just over $1000.While a decent amount of money, we will not get to our goal with another year like that.Obviously there’sa need to greatly increase our number of salable images quickly.Goals in microstock may be measured by many different statistics:RPI, earnings, download rates, sell through, approval percent, size of your portfolio, etc.For Dreamstime, we’ll focus on the obvious two: portfolio size and earnings.My... continue reading

Black Friday for Photographers

Now I know this isn't everyone's cup of tea but if you're going out on Black Friday, I've put together a list of things that may help you photographically.(For the record, you'll probably find me at Best Buy).Some interesting bits of Black Friday Magic:Maxtor 1 TB HD - $139 at Office Max.Red XL Comfort Seat (great posing seat for studios) - $49.88 JC Penney Door Buster sale.I found a ton more - too many to list here.Make sure you check out the whole list at NiltoMil.comHappy... continue reading

...Annnnnd we're back!

The summer is the busiest time for most professional photographers - it's easy to get out and enjoy the weather, drag a few models along, shoot some, have a bbq.But it's also a CRAZY time for event photographers such as me!We are wedding and portrait photographers and we spend April through October of every year SWAMPED with "real" work that takes away from anything else we're doing, like stock.Now, we're back.We are here, microstocking, full time for the next 6 months.This is my... continue reading

Working with models

Get a model like Ralph, seriously.One of our favorite models EVER came over to visit us a few weeks ago.Ralph is a funny guy because he'll do just about anything we ask!He says "Unless it's illegal or immoral, I'll do it!"Gotta love that!But this blog entry isn't about Ralph, it's about model shoots and working with models.One of our favorite tricks is titling our model shoots.Ralph is only relevant because he understand this "concept shooting" and shooting for a reason.Remember... continue reading

Guess I'm blogging!

I didn't even know DT had blogs - I'm such a noob considering I've been here forever!I joined the site in 2004 sometime and just got back "into" microstock. :)My goal in micro is clearly explained on my "real" blog at but just the title should explain it - nil to mil.I want to go from $0 to $1,000,000 in micro dollars and I'm going to do whatever I can to get there!So far, so good.Favorite image from April so far: continue reading

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