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8 Tips for Maintaining your Memory Card

Besides your camera, your memory card may be the most important piece of equipment in your photo bag. Without a memory card, your camera won’t work, and if it’s not operating right, you could lose all your images from a long day of shooting. The good news is that by learning some basic maintenance tips and best practices, you can keep your cards running at peak performance and help ensure you don’t lose the images you worked hard to capture.1. Format the Card in Your CameraWhenever... continue reading

Splash Photography — How To Shoot A Splash Scene

Splash photography is challenging and a lot of fun. The reason – it requires some precise coordination, the results are wonderful and you are going to have a lot of fun practicing some coordination with your assistant while witnessing some funny moments. Let’s get started with this fun e-workshop.Items Required For Splash PhotographyYou need 4 white acrylic sheets each of a size of 18 inches, a tripod to mount the camera, a glass, some water or a liquid of your choice, some ice-cubes... continue reading

Panning, The Art Of Motion Photography!

Panning is an interesting art of photography. It has been there since ages but it still excites many photographers. It gives the right feel of motion to your pictures. Panning works best for sports and motion photography or when you want to depict a motion or movement in your subject while keeping it sharp and focused.Panning basically means you click the picture of a moving subject while you move your camera with the subject. You get the subject clear but the background is blurred.... continue reading

Aberration, Color Fringing

Aberration, also known as “color fringing,” refers to the effect in which light passing through a lens becomes blurred and produces a fuzzy image on the film. If the camera lens is unable to focus light of different wavelengths or if the lens is scratched or otherwise damaged, chromatic aberration of the final image will occur.In a normal lens where aberration doesn’t occur, the lens directs light of different wavelengths to specific areas of the film, depending on the particular wavelength.... continue reading

Five Simple Steps to Better Photography

I read this useful article and I want to share it with you...1) Sharpness: In order to ensure your images are sharp, make sure you know how to focus your camera.Digital cameras with auto focus are often difficult to focus precisely, especially when shooting small objects.Read your owner's manual and be sure you understand how your camera's auto focus operates. Most digital cameras are designed to easily focus on large objects but have difficulty on small subjects. It is often useful to... continue reading

My Collections Increased My Sales

Check Out My Collections:(Click on The Names Below To Browse All Included Images)Fruits & VegetablesFood IngredientsSeamless PatternsIslam ReligionObjects, Tools & ToysIcons, Vectors & IllustrationsBackgrounds & Textures continue reading

Statistics! The Hidden Evaluation Tool

It's my favorite tool on DT by which I can evaluate my progress and see if I'm on the right way or not.I use it mostly to check:- My Sales- My Acceptance Ratio- My Revenue AverageThrough the above three points I can evaluate my portfolio exposure, work level and my monthly income.I do recommend all newbies to check there stats to see where they are heading..Just keep in mind that average and total values are calculated for the Last 13 months, except for the approval ratio,... continue reading

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