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Photography in motion: a step beyond the still emotions

When I started with photography, I was eager to pull emotions from people who watched my images. I wanted them to feel more or less what I felt in that place I captured with my camera. I wanted them to feel empathy with the eyes of the stranger they were staring. I wanted to leave a footprint on them, no matter if it was for a short moment.I knew I could make it because I felt many things while watching other people's pictures. It was possible, yes. And here's my "secret": video. Using tools like... continue reading

Photographers of the world: Let's be all stars! (or a funny way to promote each other)

Hi all! In my previous post I shared with all of you a video I created with Animoto.Well, I've just had an idea. Wouldn't it be cool if up to 80 of us (that's the number of pictures that fit in a average length song) appeared together in a video, doing what we like the most (taking pictures).We could show our family, friends, or even our potential customers -through our websites or demo cd's- how are we when we get our hands dirty ;) Every picture could attach a flag of our country and/or... continue reading

Impressive picture presentations: A recommendation from a 50% DT exclusive photographer

Hi all! I am half way of becoming a DT Exclusive photographer! That means I have uploaded 50% of the pictures needed to achieve the "Nobility Title" :) Almost there!Anyhow, the subject of my "article", apart from this joke (and showing off my yummy new pictures) was to share something with you all.If you want to present your pictures in a different way, you might want to consider this option: They claim to be "The end of slideshows", and they could be fairly right.I won'... continue reading

Howto: Present your digital photos. A few ideas to impress your customers.

Once upon a time, we photographers had one way to deliver our work: photographic paper. But nowadays there are other options such CD/DVD, on-line portfolio, multimedia slideshow. The one thing in common is the word digital. No matter how our pictures are presented, at the end they are ones and zeros -binary files-.Unfortunately for me, I stepped into photography world late enough to miss all the old school tricks of messing up with chemical and film. But I do share with people who did so the same... continue reading


I am experimenting with Pop Art like pictures, and after realizing that there are some designs here in DT, I'll be putting mine soon.If you want to see them, I'd appreciate your feedback. Also, if you're interested on this subject, I'd love to see your work. I am becoming a fan of this style :) continue reading

Thermometer mercury grows longer, clothes get shorter

Hi mates! Summer is almost here and I would like to share my early experiences caused by higher temperatures. What I love the most of spring & summer is going to the beach, swim, eating ice cream, sitting on terraces letting the sun burn my skin and wear much less clothes than usual. And so does everybody! So here it goes my own tribute to the warmest season: clothes out!. Cheers to all of you (who live in sunny countries).Have fun! continue reading

So it was possible to sell dark pictures

I thought dark pictures were not DT predilection. But after uploading a couple of them, they've been approved and less than an hour afterwards, one of them (left) has been downloaded already! I love this pictures, they're amongst my favourites. Maybe they're not technically perfect but they inspire me a lot of things.I'm happy to see that my s.t.y.l.eprobably fits in here! Cheerio!(the word s t y l e is parsed when I submit the article, and it doesn't appear in the text. We users should be... continue reading

How important it is to calibrate your monitor

Hello there,After seeing 31 of my files under the Rejected Files list, I've learned something really important.These are the common reasons for my pictures being rejected:Poor color: this image has a low color profile and needs improvement in order to increase its sales potential. You can process your image with color enhancement software, such as Photoshop, giving it the appeal it needs.Poor lighting setup, poor contrast or incorrect exposureFirst of all, I was using Picasa to quickly... continue reading

Blue and green landscapes

Hi guys,Spring time, and for those of us who are lucky to live in a sunny spot of the world this is time to grab our cameras and make them an appendix of our bodies!I've lived in different places, like London. Maybe clouds and shade gave my pictures a romantic and magic look. But after two years I definitely choose sun and blue skies.I recommend you to visit Girona, one of the four cities of Catalonia. Maybe Barcelona sounds a bell for you if Catalonia means nothing in your vocabulary... continue reading

Hello, world

Dear fellows,I am happy to be able to broadcast my warmest greetings to all of you, creators of art, designers of illusions, and all sorts of necessary roles for a better world.Cheesy words apart, I am really happy I have landed in here, this is my first experience in stock photography but as far as I've seen, it looks quite promising. I am just a bit disappointed my pictures have remained 6 days and counting in "pending" status. It's a bit off putting to arrive to such an exciting website... continue reading

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