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8 "night" sales!

Till today, while reading blogs about 5,6,7...etc downloads at once, I felt.....mmmmm... a little bit envious, wondering "Does it really happen?!" I was sure that such nice surprises are not for me. Till today the best selling day brought me 3 sales and I remember I was as happy as a child, getting candy!Just a little over 2 years ago I started my portfolio at DT with the photos from Jaffa-Tel Aviv port.Today my Perfect Day arrived: 8 of them - all night views - were downloaded! Now I am happy... continue reading

2 years with Dreamstime

Hello, guys!In fact, these 2 years were very interesting, teaching and ...quick! I would say, I have learnt a lot. I made a decision at the early stage tp become an exclusive contributor. Sometimes I doubt if it was right, but meanwhile I stay with this.Photography is exclusively a kind of half-professional hobby, left for free time. I must admit in the crazy modern world I don't have much of it. But, having a great partner, as my husband, we spend all of our vacations travelling, mostly in... continue reading

Falling in Love with Youuuu.....

After 20 years I must confess: I do LOVE this City. I have been here 5 times. It happened once in every 4 years...just by chance. I have already started joking: As if to Olympic Games:) There has been said and written so much about this City, that I can hardly add something new: The City of Light, A Moveable Feast - I suppose for everyone, who likes is it's something special. For me it's a place where I always want to return and I never have enough of it - no matter for how long I remain there. Give... continue reading

Unique Tranquility

Sometimes each of us needs a place to escape... Just to stay in peace and tranquility, with as less people and noise around as possible.Some choose challenging tracking in the mountains Others - kayak in a powerful river current... There are those, for whom there is nothing like a small house lost somewhere in the forest... Let me draw your attention to another kind of paradise of peace and tranquility - the world famous corner on the Earth, called the Dead Sea. Here you can... continue reading

555 !

Hi, guys!Just got my 555th image accepted :) Nice number after one year with DT Family.In fact, it turned out to be a "celebrating" image:)))) Here it is! Wishing to all of you numerous happy moments with DT continue reading

Ms Autumn

In various parts of the world autumn in calendar is felt in different ways.It's still sunny and quite hot in our places - just cloudy skies remind us of Ms Autumn having come...We took the opportunity of autumn trip to Austria and Germany and were luck to catch some of the first autumn tints and shades.I wish you this sad, as it commonly thought, season bring you much inspiration and pleasant moments, friends!I am sure one can find much pleasure in chasing some "wet" autumn shots - and... continue reading

Footage - or not to do?

My dearest friends! I felt a "victim" in a newly born stream of video at DT. Footage is fun... It's nice looking for some scenes to capture, but... I ask myself if there are chances it can be as popular as stills? Should I dedicate my time to it, taking it from photos?... Just because it's not my main occupation - rather a serious hobby. What do you think about footage - to do or not to do?... continue reading

300 photos online

Hey guys! Today I got accepted my 300sphoto online. I suppose, not too bad for someone, who is working full time job, dedicating just some of evening time to what I really enjoy - to Ms Photography!During these 7 months of being a part do DT family I learnt a lot about difference between art and stock photography... And still learning every day: from blog articles, from refusal reasons, from other amateur and professional photographers.Hope this, together with being persistent, will bring... continue reading

The Biggest European Port

Hi, everybody!My profession have been connected to international freight forwarding and logistics for over 15 years already.And when we have decided to spend this spring vacation in the Netherlands it was clear to me, that we will visit the biggest European Port in Rotterdam! No way, I'll miss it!Some "dry" information to those, who are quite far from this sphere:The Port of Rotterdam is the largest port in Europe, located in the city of Rotterdam, Netherlands. From 1962 until 2002 it was... continue reading

100 Files On-line Milestone

Here it came - my first milestone: 100 accepted files!This was the one that DID it :)Buon Appetito, dear DT friends! continue reading

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