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Finally an upward trend

After many months of decreasing sales and revenue I am finally on an upward trend. This month marks a new BME for revenue for a month and a new sales and revenue BME for a quarter.What is the secret? Putting in the work.Create, upload, rinse, and repeat.As my number of images online have gone up my stats have gone up as well.The best thing that I have found to keep my spirits up and the sales rolling in is to set goals for myself.For example my goal last year was to reach 700 images... continue reading

May is my favorite month

Using the awesome tools on DT I am able to review my performance over the last 3 years and I have noticed some interesting trends.May is year to year my best month.June is year to year my worst month.Using the graphs I can see some very definite cyclical trends in buyer behavior.What sort of trends to you see in the numbers? continue reading

Worth the wait

This is for all of you DT newbies that are wondering if all of this is actually worth it.When you first start out you upload image after image only to watch your acceptance ratio tank while you try to figure out what the editors will accept.You may start to get a sale or two but nothing you can put in the bank.So you have to dig deep in order to keep forward momentum and not just forget about micro stock all together.To say that there are ups and downs in this industry is an understatement.... continue reading

Finally a new BME!

After 6 months of waiting I finally got a new BME this month in terms of number of sales, however, the RPD is down as most of the sales this month are subscription sales.My last BME was in August an then my sales took a downward trend for the rest of the year.January started to reverse the trend and then this month took off in the right direction.Hopefully the rest of the year will keep an upward trend.Good luck to all. continue reading

Finding Inspiration

Recently I have been looking for inspiration.Everywhere I go I see things that inspire me to create an illustration.Currently my list of projects is much longer that the time that I have available but I like always having something to work on.I have also been looking for inspiration from inside the DT ranks.I found a contributor, I will not name any names, but their work is great and it shows from their stats.This contributors number of files online and total sales is something that I... continue reading

My Inkscape and Gimp Workflow

I have been working with Inkscape and Gimp on Linux and MacOS X for several years now and have developed a basic work flow that works well for me and creates images suitable for submission to DT.There may be other ways to achieve the same results but this is what works for me.I hope this helps anyone trying to get into use Inkscape and Gimp for creating vector illustrations for DT submission.While I do both photography and vector illustrations I find that I prefer to spend most of my time creating... continue reading

2 years and 400 online

After 2 years with DT I finally have 400 images online.I hope to reach 700 online by the end of this year. continue reading

Goals for 2012

It is always a good idea to set goals for yourself and write them down so you can look back at the end of the year and judge how well you did.So here are my goals for 2012:1. Lose 20 pounds2. Double the size of my portfolio.3. Triple my sales.4. Improve my technique.5. Do not give up.What are your goals for 2012?Good luck in the New Year to all.Hopefully there is a pot of gold at the end of your rainbow. continue reading

200 Sales! Now what?

A couple of days ago I finally reached 200 sales with the purchase of this image.While this a great milestone, it leaves me wondering what to do next.I do not think that I have reached my creative limit but I am definitely in slump.When I get home from work I just do not have the drive to create more images like I did last month.I am sure that all contributors go though peaks and valleys.It just so happens that this corresponds with a drop in sales this month.Maybe this is the December... continue reading

New milestone - $400 in sales

I reached a new milestone today.$400 in sales.This is the image that put me over the top.The only bad part is that I am $0.18 away from a payout, anyone have a spare credit laying around?I really hate it when that happens.You just have to sit and wait for one more sale.I think in this business as in any business is really helps to set goals to help feel a sense of achievement.My next set of goals is $500 in sales,400 images online, 200 images sold (6 more to go), 50 images online... continue reading

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