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First accepted image from new lens bought from first payout

A short while ago my balance went over the magic $100 for the first time and I was able to request a payout. I put the money towards a lens I have been wanting for some time, a Sigma 10-20mm zoom.This is the first image from that lens to be accepted on Dreamstime.Not content with just the one purchase I yesterday ordered a Nikon DX 40mm micro. That arrived this morning - I have not even opened the box yet. I bought that for the macro facility, and also for the lightness and image quality... continue reading

Controlling depth of field for lansdcapes

Modern cameras and lenses have given us many improvements over the models of old, but one thing that seems to have gone backwards is the easy control over depth of field.Way back when with my Nikon FM SLR and 24mm lens I could set the lens to f22 (nobody had impressed on me back then that opening up a stop on almost any lens would have given a better image) and then set the focus from the scale on the lens and know that everything from 2ft to infinity would be in focus.Nowadays lenses rarely... continue reading

First TIFF sale.

Just yesterday I was accepted as an exclusive photographer - and at that time the amount of my upload bonus was greater than my total sales amount.Then when I logged on this morning I found that one of my images had sold as a TIFF.This one sale added up to more than the total of all my previous sales.Thanks to the buyer for choosing my image, and also to Dreamstime for providing such a user friendly way for me to sell my images on line. continue reading

Accepted as a Dreamstime Exclusive Photographer

I had spent some time deciding whether or not to become exclusive whilst working towards the minimum 50 image portfolio.Having read views for and against I decided to go for it as I prefer to deal with just the one agency rather than trying to upload to and manage several.My acceptance arrived just a few minutes ago. I am now looking forward hopefully to improved sales and higher commission on non subscription sales.Incidentally, for anyone else applying: after clicking the... continue reading

3 days from acceptance of an image to first sale

This was something of a record for me.Having only a (very!) small portfolio I was quite accepting the 'fact' that an image would need at least a month after being accepted before it would be download.This image blew that rule away. Accepted on the 22nd and downloaded on the 25th. continue reading

1000 views on my account as of today

I do tend to keep a close eye on my site statistics and noticed that as of today my images have had a total of exactly 1000 views.this image, at 94 views, represents almost 10% of the total.I do realise that views do not automatically equal sales, but on the other hand I do not expect images to be able to sell well if nobody is getting to see them.What I now need to do is to dramatically increase the size of my portfolio which should increase the views - and also hopefully the sales. continue reading

Avoiding the copyright/trademark rejection

I have been on dreamstime for a few months and, as expected, early on I got a few rejections for copyright/tradmark. I had thought that I had got an understanding of how this works, but alas no as this image shows.The original image has tradmarks/logos/names all over it - maybe it would have been easier to quit at this point!Image 1Clarly something needed to be done so I removed all that I thought would be a problem for my first submission - adverts from the tram, logo from the van, pictures... continue reading

My first sale

Well, the first milestone was getting images accepted and the second was to actually sell at least one image. When I signed on today I notice that I had indeed sold that first image 3 days ago.I do not know if a sale from a portfolio of 22 is good or not - either way I do hope for many more over time and will try to not get to excited about one sale adding up to less that one dollar.My acceptance ratio is now running at 62.9% so hopefully I should be in a good position to get many more images... continue reading

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