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Very handy Tips en Tricks database

heya all,As a beginner photographer i am constantly looking for new tips and tricks to make better photo's. most of this tips and tricks i find on the internet by using google. If i would post everything i see on the internet then dreamstime would be full of articles. But i have made a decision to not do that. I decided to only post the most worthy information.So here is what i thought would be handy for more of ya guys out there:I recently discovered that Kodak also has a tip database... continue reading

Vector vs Pixel

hey all,witchone is the best "Vector vs Pixel"? Thats what a friend of mine asked. before i gave my answer i wanted to know what he was thinking.Hes answer was vector cause vector is new and has more possbilities.My opinion is that vector might be handy but in de end you wil always be seeing pixels.I say vector and pixels win :P continue reading

Going Pink for october

hey all,October is almost over en were getting out of time to show that we realize that Breast Cancer is a serious problem in our community. For the October month it is possible to subscribe at the Going Pink website. I have subscribed my website and have the Going Pink logo in the sidebar of my website for the month October.If you have a website and you wanna show you care GO to the GOING PINK website699 websites were already subscribed before i came :) continue reading

Plain background in pictures

Hey all,I have been searching on the internet for a way to make nice pictures from objects.I have found a way that quite amazed me, it was easy and handy.Just take a big plate of whatever material and put it behind the object you want to photohrap. Take your picture and you have your object with a solid background.handy and easy what more do you want.hope this was helpful continue reading

Beginners tips for photography

Hey all,Making pictures sounds pretty difficult for beginners but there are a couple of things you can do to make it a bit are some tips for de beginner:If you see something nice just take the picture dont take to lang trying getting a steady shot or fixing colour. The risk that your target is gone or is not in a good postion is big. so just shoot the picture and dont waste time with this or that. (most of the time it is fixeble in Photoshop)A momentis there only once... continue reading

3 Tips for snowy winter photography in nature

Hey allSnowy winter is coming up and that makes it hard for photographers to make nice pictures in the nature. slippery rocks and mud make it hard to get trough.To make it more easy in the snowy winter i have 3 tips:1) Put warm clothes on so you wont have trouble with the cold. (this will make you trip more fun for sure)2) Plan your route in advance so you wont have trouble when finding your path. (in snowy times it takes longer to cover a distance)3) Take someone with you just... continue reading

Curacao a beauty for all

hey all,I like to tell some about the country where i come from, Its just pure information so don't think i have a purpose with this.I have lived in Curacao for like 18 years and i like it a lot. Ii had a country full of beauty to enjoy. every day was a good day to go to the beach that means there is a 99.9% chance that you wil wake up and see the sun shining in to your room.All of this sounds like a paradise, well if you need a paradise for photographing Curacao is one of this paradises... continue reading

Extreme Photo retouching (movie)

hey all,I just found this amazing movie about retouching and i was deeply impressed by this persons work.For people who need inspiration this is a good movie also if you are bored and dont wanna retouch photo's this is a good movie to get you back on track.Well enough of my chit chat and to work now :Pheres the link: go to movie now continue reading

Creating a falling star in one of your photo's

Hello all,I found this nice tutorial about how to add an Falling star to one of your night scene photo's.The link to the site is: http://www.t-tutorials.comI tried it myself and its not so hard but you still have a nice effect.Hope you all found it useful continue reading

Classification of lenses according to .......

Classification of lenses according to Focal Length, Image Format, Characteristics, Utilizationsto see the table with all the useful content Click hereHope you guys found it useful :)source website: continue reading

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