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Keyword: Creepy

Creepy, spooky, ghoulish these are the keywords of the season.Its just about October and the count down to Halloween will begin soon.Already I've gotten creepy Halloween catalogs in the mail and have been bombarded with television ads for party store.Image for any party store this is THE season.No doubt those who do decorate for Halloween go all out and buy tons of skulls, witches caldrons, pumpkins and of course tons of Halloween candy corn and candied apples.It seems that this season... continue reading


My recent food photography.For a long time, food photographs tended to be shot and composed in a manner similar to the way people were used to encountering their food: laid out on a table setting and shot from an overhead perspective, i.e., from the point of view of the eater. Stylists accordingly arranged the food to appear good from above, with the items arranged flat on the plate and clearly separated from each other.Later, romantic lighting, shallower angles and more... continue reading

Happy Halloween!

The back to school supplies are emptying out of the local super stores, and the shelves are starting to get filled with the first round of Halloween and Thanksgiving products.Time to pull out the Halloween stock images!Skulls, witches, pumpkins, candy corn, tricks, treats and especially black and orange! continue reading

Satisfaction of the long awaited sale

After you've been in the micro stock game for a while, perhaps a few years, you'll come to appreciated the satisfaction that comes along with a long awaited sale.Perhaps it was one of the first images you uploaded and got accepted.Maybe it was an image you worked hard on in post processing, carefully cutting out the background or blurring the trademarks, or erasing the tiny numbers on a rubber tire.Maybe it is an image that has been teasing you with tons of view but no sales.... continue reading

My latest cute dog images

I've created a rather large portfolio of cute small dog images over the past couple of years.Staring my own dog Tiki who stars in the book "the Quotable Westie" available now on Amazon and some of his cute friends.My latest model in this series is a shy, sweet, Chihuahua and Chinese Crested mix who was recently rescued from mobile home where she had to fend for herself with a pit bull.The pregnant mother gave up this dog and hopefully will give up the pit bull before the baby is born.... continue reading

My New Camera

Ok after squeezing over 1,500 stock images out of my micro four thirds camera over the past two years, it was time to cash in some earnings and go pro.I started out this journey a few years ago after jumping into DLSRs in order to photograph the model railroad layout I was building.Rather quickly photography took over as my passion and the model railroad still is up in the attic unfinished.Discovering microstock as an outlet for the photographs that were quickly filling up my hard drives,... continue reading

Why I hope RIPD is a blockbuster movie this summer

A couple years ago - yes YEARS! - I happened to be walking around Boston with my family enjoying a the fall weather when we came upon a movie being filmed.I snapped a few shots before getting pulled away by my family (there wasn't a lot of action going on at least in their opinion - I would have stayed for hours).I uploaded these shots in October of 2011!One of these became my all time bestseller as and editorial shot.Now with the movie, R.I.P.D. finally being released this summer I hope... continue reading

Get into the mind of your customer

After reading the blogs and message boards here for several years there is one thing that really sticks out in my mind - that is that photographer's do a lot of talking to each other, sharing information with each other, hooting and hollering, praising and complaining, about being the ups and downs of being a contributor......But precious little time is spent talking TO the buyers of our images.99% of the messages and blogs are from the contributors perspective.One of the most important... continue reading

Images I can't wait to sell

The following images from my portfolio have tons of views but no sales.They sit in my list of most viewed images and stick out like a sore thumb!Either they just simply stink, or they have great keywords but are not exactly what people are looking for when they come across them.One thing is for certain - views do not necessarily translate into sales.Sales are truly the only indication of a great micro stock shot.Here are my sore thumbs:All on my top page ranked by views.... continue reading

Featured Photographer: Andrey Pavlov

Great to see Mr. Pavlov gracing the feature spot currently on Dreamstime!What a unique portfolio with all of those cool ant pictures!So creative and well done.I found a cool news item about Andrey Pavolv and his ants: always assume that these were something like freeze dried ants or something but according to the article the ants are alive.Mr. Pavlov places... continue reading

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