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Christmas images of my Dt friends

It's almost Christmas time and most of us spent the last months creating illustrations and taking photos with Christmas themes.It was amusing thinking that, while I was working at my illustrations, the people that I knew here were working, at the same time, designing christmas trees, snow puppets and gifts.Here is one my illustrations, just to beginand here are my friends' ones.I think December sales will increase a lot!Please sorry if I forgot someone... continue reading

Cooking lessons

Hello friends,last year I made the experience of living alone in another city, to study.There wasn't my mother who could cook appetizing dishes, so I was in charge in the kitchen and I had to arrange myself with new recipes.I'm actually improved and I've discovered that I like cooking, even if sometimes I still ask my mother and my grandma for advices and suggestions. Here are my sheets for recipes.I think someone could write there his cooking conquests, if, like me, he had just learned some... continue reading


Do you remember when you were child and you go to school? And most of us didn't like maths, geometry, science, physics, etc.?If I had a child I would teach him this subjects with coloured images, so he can have more fun and he can remember better what he studied.A book full of images is certainly more atractive than one full of signs, especially for the very youngest. Maybe is more expensive, but kids willadore the characters. Or why not teaching maths with strip cartoons? continue reading

We couldn't live without them!

Here are two things we couldn't live without: personal computer and credit card. Obviously there are other things indispensable for living but imagine your life without pc...the one with who you spend almost the entire day. And credit card, without it we couldn't even think to buy anything! And don't forget the important alliance between computer and credit card, useful for the shopping online! continue reading

Promoting peace

I wanted to find different ways of simbolizing the peace and I create some images to promoting peace. We are living terrible facts and unfortunately this is not a world of only love, everything seems to get worst, frauds, murders, violences, inside the families too. I thought that we should never forget that peace is possible, just like a rainbow is possible, infinites micro drops of water linked together, like us, millions of people living in the same world. continue reading

I love mountain

I like taking photos of snowscapes, sunny mountains, ski runs, chalets.Especially when there's the contrast between the blue sky and the white snow. I prefer mountain when it's sunny, if not it's a little bit sad, but it's beautiful anyway. You can practise many sports, skiing, snowboarding, iceskating, these are very amusing! continue reading

What a lovely illustrations!

I adore illustrations, picture and everything is handmade, everything is coloured and artistic!It is so difficult to create a good picture, but I'll try. I'm just beginning and I find it very uneasy! Expecially to make good shapes and lines...unfortunately most of my illustrations were rejected, and I'm working hard but I can't upload all my images.I hope to improve!! continue reading

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