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Finding your Niche

Since I started contributing to Dreamstime almost five years ago, I have learned a few things about RF Stock.1. The internet has made it more convenient for buyers to connect with photographers, but it has also made RF stock more competitive.2. Shooting for stock is much different than shooting for art.There is less creative license for the images in RF stock because of their intended use, so things that can be used to create a mood or a focus are more strictly controlled, like white balance,... continue reading

More money...less work

Unless RF stock is the only gig (or the main gig) you've got going, I would argue that being exclusive is definetly worth your while.I have already gone over my reasons for my Exclusive Decision in another blog post, so I am not going to repeat those points.One thing that I didn't take into account is that I am doing ALOT less uploading and tracking and categorizing than before, and I have not lost very much income by not uploading to other sites.Prior to becoming exclusive here, I uploaded... continue reading

I wish I had more time...

Since I have kicked my other agencies to the curb (minus the 35 images that I am waiting to be eligible to be deleted at one agency), I have more time to do other things.So, why do I STILL wish I had more time?Because I know I could make a living doing photography.Problem is that I am only 6 years away from retirement from the Army.I couldn't get out if I wanted to because of my service obligation, but to do so would be throwing away alot of great benefits that will make my life a thousand... continue reading

Exclusive Decision

Well,I have decided to stop uploading to other sites, which is the first step to becoming EXCLUSIVE with Dreamstime.Over the next few months I will be able to disable images from other sites to allow the individual images to become exclusive here at DT.As soon as I can delete all the images at other sites, i will go completely exclusive here.Why?Here are the top reasons:1.RF stock is only part of my photography business and uploading to many sites and tracking them all is VERY time... continue reading

Memorial Day

I have begun to upload some of the images that I took while in Iraq for editorial use and as I go through them, even after being home since November, it seems like only yesterday I faced IED laiden roads and intermittent rocket attacks on our forward operating base.It has been therapeutic for me to go back and look through the images so I can kind of let it go and look forward, realizing that I made it through relatively unscathed.Some of my fellow soldiers were not so fortunate.This Memorial... continue reading

Iraq from a soldier's point of view

The new editorial license was one of the most exciting additions here at DT for me.I have hundreds of images from my tour in Iraq that will offer newsworthy images of Iraq from a soldier's point of view.I have just begun to get themuploaded, but hope that this collection of images offers a unique perspective that will give editors the ability to show what is REALLY going on in Iraq.With education, security, and the rebuilding of the Iraqi infrastruction being big issues in Iraq,... continue reading

Getting back to the basics

In the last month I have uploaded over 200 new images to Dreamstime.With an acceptance ratio that is near 85%, I thought I was doing rather well.ITHOUGHT I was doing well.When I first starting doing stock, I would have been exstatic!My acceptance ratio was horrific!Problem is that now I measure my success by downloads.There were only 600,000 images on DT when I started.Since then, the numbers have grown exponentially.So, although getting an image accepted is an accomplishment... continue reading

Lucy...I'm Home! you got a lotta 'splainin' to do!

Well, here it is, January and I have been home from Iraq now for two months now.Even with the holidays, I have managed to add over 100 new images to my portfolio, and many more are on their way.Being away from my family was absolutely NO FUN, but the extra money I saved being away has given me the opportunity to get new gear.So, for Christmas I got a new set of strobes from RPS studios.Not exactly high end equipment, but reliable and adjustable output, so I am loving it!Not to mention... continue reading

Life is so much better

Well, my time in Iraq is drawing to a close.In less than a month, I will be back in the United States.In some ways I am happy.VERY HAPPY.I mean, I miss my family.I miss my dog.I miss my friends.The things that I am aprehensive about are the commercialism and the rat race that I don't have to deal with right now.I am not trying to keep up with the Jones'.I am not telling my kids that they can't have that great new toy that is on the commercials during their favorite show... continue reading

Being John Malkovich

OK, so I used a false pretense to lure you in, but its not the first time this has happened to you, right?I mean, I know of a company who used one of my friend's perfect stock images to illustrate how much better of an image you can get with the latest greatest digital P&S camera.They took his great image and 'dumbed it down' a bit to create the before picture.Wow!talk about false advertising!I mean it really makes you think!Is this against any rules?Probably not.Is it questionable... continue reading

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