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Some may call me CRAZY - Experiments gone wild!

OK.First of all some explanation for the heading.I am currently testing the lengths of what my new toy (macro rails) can achieve.While none of the initial tests are stock worthy, i believed it would be of benefit to share my initial findings.Hence the reason these images are being housed on flickr (no point wasting our reviewers' time with test images)Flickr Set LinkCandle Burning 1Candle Burning 2Candle Before The BurnPadlock StackedThermometerThe Candle images are... continue reading

Through a different looking glass... or just new glass...

Hi everyone.With every new item purchased for your camera, a new system or lesson is learned.Whether its learning about camera shake with super-mega-ultra zoom lenses, what positions mean what on a circular polarising filter. All these lessons are not necessarily due to lack of knowledge in the first place, but more so, getting the feel and hang of them.Very recently i have gotten my hands on what seems to be a wonderful piece of glass perfection known as a Sigma 105mm F2.6 1:1 Macro... continue reading

Motivation... that word sounds like too much effort....

Motivation is the key to basically everything in life. How much you want something and what you are willing to do for it really is the only factors you have that can change your situation.Only the lucky fall into success. For the rest of us any real outcomes come from hard work, trail and error, and lets face it set-backs and disappointment.A quick look at my portfolio here on DT (trust me its quick) can see that i dont have much in the way of online images. A large number of other less than... continue reading

So its 12:31, and in less than 10 hours I am getting married.

Hi everyone.So yep cant sleep on the night before the big day. To say that the excitement levels are high is an understatement.In an attempt to keep this photo related i intend to take heaps of nature shots while i am out on the honeymoon.But i must admit, cameras and photos are the last thing on my mind.Anyways, should really try to sleep now, gotta be up in 6ish hours.Did i mention I'm VERY excited.Have a good night everyone. continue reading

First few sales

Ive been here for about a month now, and am really glad to announce that i have had some sales =)I basically believe that everyone loves their own photos and thinks they should sell. Its hard not to be biased towards yourself.But when someone else actually hands over money for a copy then you know that it may actually be ok. =)Basically this is more of a 'if in doubt, try it out' sort of message.Being new i always expected it to take forever to get any sales. But i was wrong. the numbers... continue reading

A question for the Masses: Camera Glass v MP?

Ok so ive been basically appraising my gear recently. Ive been looking at all the things i 'need' to get for me to be happy. Basically ive been wanting to get the Canon 400D.But then i wondered. what can a 400d do that my 300cant? Photoshop can interpolate really well, to a 10.1 MP image with too much dramas involved...So i put it forward to you. If you had a 300D (6.3MP) camera with original 2 lenses, would you:A) Replace the glass (nothing crazy expensive but good quality)B) Upgrade... continue reading

Spring is here. About time!

For all of us blessed to live in the Southern Hemisphere, we are noticing the outside world come to life.Not two weeks ago, my street was littered with bare branches, and dull browns and grays of trees.This morning on my way to work, i was greeted with glowing greens and a vibrancy seldom seen inside suburban civilization.So while those up north start closing windows and turning heaters on, itsour opportunity to start capturing life anew one frame at a time. continue reading

My First weeks at Dreamstime...

Well, its been now 2 weeks with Dreamstime.So far i have had 11 accepted photos, out of a few more =)I can only put in great words for this site.The willingness for not just stock contribution, but the development of the community through some very high quality blogs on building images, taking images, post processing images, and sale of images is second to none.Of that i would personally like to thank every one who has contributed to the wealth of knowledge within this very unique... continue reading

Photography inside your home.

Many people find going outside into the big wide world a requirement for decent photography. Travel photos, landscapes, sunsets waterfalls.As brilliant as these genres of photography is, there is also a strong creative element to be found within the home.There is a plethora of creative avenues within many aspects of the home.I challenge anyone not to find some stock worthy items within the kitchen, home office, bed room or bathroom.Everyday consumables, food, ingredients, finished... continue reading

Personal Data Libraries

Personal data whats???I am sure many photographers and artists alike have come across the problem about storing their master works.And further it goes to what should you store?Considering a large amount of members shoot their images in RAW, space becomes an issue somewhat quickly.I can personally attest to the fact that going from jpeg to RAW shooting has drastically increased my requirements for space. Filling up a DVD of jpegs was a hard thing to do.So what am i really getting... continue reading

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