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What lens are you using

Do the lenses you're using equate to the quality of your pictures?or in the same context,does the camera you're using matter?Personally i use a 30D and the Canon kit lens,a lens which some people won't even consider as their 1st lens.Before using the 30Di had a 20D and i was using the 17-85IS thenI compared the pictures i had taken in the past with the 17-85 and now with the be honest,i cant tell the difference.I have only owned 1 L lens before and that was the 24-105IS L.That is a... continue reading

Which Brand

Why Canon,Why Nikon Why Sony?This is not a BRAND warJust curious what made you go for that particular brand.Excerpts from an Article"As you can see in my signature below, I’m a proud D200 owner and have been for almost 9 months. It has delivered in every situation I’ve thrown at it, scoffed at the bumps it’s had, and kept going without skipping a beat.But very recently, I have been fortunate to be given an opportunity to step into professional photography full time via a studio in... continue reading

Techniques for interviews

excerpt from a forum...Is it the truth?How many of you guys do this?"I find that interviewers nowadays are not very trained to interview people.It's like the person who can tell the best story gets hired. Not the best worker.My friend who is working in a head-hunting firm for positions Managers and above tell me,it's who you know that will get you the job. If got 2 people to select from but only 1 open position, but the interviewer or mgr knows one of the candidate, the other candidate... continue reading

Wonders of the world

I have a visit the seven wonders of the world!But thats easier said than done.I'm gonna need lots of cash.So anyone willing to help me fulfill that dream can donate some $ to me by asking for my acct no.I accept Internet banking cash transfer only.Thank you.A search of the seven wonders turned out to be more than seven wonders...There are actually more than that.Seven wonders is just a name to phrase the wonders.I think cauze it sounds catchy.It sounds better than the 21 wonders right?... continue reading

It's not about the money

I'm feeling very happy now!Just got a pm in CS(A popular photography forum) from another member!"Hi, i like your shoot on the cny light up. I would like to seek your kind permission to use one of them for my 2008 desktop calender print. (qty - about 2000pcs for gifts). Do you have any objections?"This is the 2nd time someone has asked me for permission to use my pics.The 1st time was a teacher from Greenridge primary school who asked to use my National stadium pics for a video for their Racial... continue reading

Photography:The Technology race

Canon and Nikon,two of the biggest brands of DSLRS have just released brand new cameras within days of each other.Canon announced their 40D and 1DsMkIII whereas Nikon announced their D300 and D3.Days before Canon announced their new releases,users in a popular photography forum had a poll to determine if users would jump straight in and get the new Canon release.Majority voted no.Do i really need some of the new features?Some said.Well,out comes 40D,1DsMKIII and they're all selling off their 30Ds,... continue reading

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