Articles by Zhang Liwei

You are one of us

Team is a community that is composed of more than one person, it is rational use of every member's knowledge and skills to work together,to solve problems and achieve common goals.Each of us is a member of the team, you may be a leader, you may be an ordinary member, but you are indispensable, you are one of us, you are the most important person. continue reading

Peach Season

August is the harvest season for peaches. Pinggu is prolific in the production of fruit. .I invited some friends to go pick peaches this weekend.We spent about an hour from Beijing to Pinggu by the highway.There were a lot of peach trees on both sides of the road,many red peaches in the trees.We tasted fresh peaches in the orchard at first,then,picked them.In the autumn afternoon,we went outdoors,breathing the fresh air,walking under the blue sky,keeping away from the noise and mass of the city.... continue reading

Heavy Traffic

The automobile has already walked into the Chinese family gradually,it has brought traffic jams and air pollution, more and more serious.From home to my company there are 6 km away, I spent one hour time to complete this journey every day.Heavy Traffic,let me go crazy!How should China's transport develop?I think there are several aspects as follows:1.To develop public transport,including the subway and bus;2.To guide Automotive Consumer purchase and use of Low-Emission, green energy vehicle;... continue reading

white horse temple

It is a quiet temple located in Luoyang,a city with long history in China.It keeps the way it works a thousands years ago.Buddhist monks sweep the yard in the morning. They prepare to welcome prayers like they do everyday.A sunlight spread into the temple.And it is getting light and bright.This temple is called white horse temple.It is the first temple built by the State,which is very important in Chinese Buddhism history.It has a history of one thousand years.The building shows the architectural... continue reading

Tea and the Tea Culture of China

quote: I started my major in the tea culture of China, I have been deeply impressed by its sophistication and beauty. I would like to share some fascinating aspects of the tea culture of China.In a country with the history of five thousand years, the Chinese tea drinking habit dated back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907AD). It became a national tradition and led to development of a delicate tea drinking ritual. Over the centuries, poets... continue reading

beautiful Temple of Heaven

Beijing is a big big city and has a long history of 3000 years.Buildings of different time and s can be found in Beijing.The temple of Heaven was built in 1420 in Ming Dynasty.Its total size is about 2.73 mio square meters.The temple's main building is the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests,which is located in the north of the park and made of wooden.It is now the symbol of Beijing.This photo shows one side of the Hall.The three -layer proofs of the Hall are blue and like umbrellas which means the... continue reading

all about driving

Driving a car is a suffering thing in Beijing,especially in the rush hour.But in the midnight you can drive much more easily which is really enjoyable.Speed will bring you the passion and excitement.When the car seat pushes your back,you can feel the road runs behind you and everything is under control.In the same way,life is going on.You should know the direction and when it is to start,to stop,to slow down,or to speed up.Then you will feel life is much easier,you can find more happiness in it.... continue reading

Chinese Hot Pot

instant-boiled slices of mutton,dip-boiled muttonAccording to the legend, Genghis Khan, the first emperor of Yuan Dynasty, once led his army for an expedition in a severe winter. Due to urgent military situation, the soldiers had no time to do the cooking. Hitting upon an idea in emergency, they butchered sheep, cut the mutton in half-frozen slices with saber, and put them into pots filled with boiling water. The deliciousness of the mutton boiled instantly made the soldiers feel their spirits... continue reading

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