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More exclusive images

In August I have decided to take a step toward offering more exclusive images in Dreamstime. The reason? The fair treatment they give to us contributors (not to mention the friendly personal and kind replies you get when contacting support) and the fact that the DT ranking by images make it a perfect way to give a boost to your earnings, with some exclusives'top sellers'.My intention is to increase the exclusive images percentage because the results are encouraging. Of course, to have some success,... continue reading

Statistics in my blog

This week I report in my blog the first of a series of basic statistics to analyze some aspects of my microstock activity.I believe that everybody of us has own kind of numbers you look at, personally not being a big fan of numbers, mostly I try to look at the global picture. I like to do the year to year comparison. Is the most comprehensive in my opinion and it allows me to make some judgment on how to continue in the production of images.For example, this year was still now great and I... continue reading

The exclusivity question

In my blog I have published a post with some my thoughts about the exclusivity question (per images and full photographer exclusivity) that has became even more actual after the recent announce Serbanmade here at Dreamstime..First point to be made clear: to go exclusive as a photographer is not an option for me now. I speak mostly about exclusivity per images.In theory, the strategy to have exclusive images could be eventually a benefit, as you don't compete with yourself, but is hard to... continue reading

Photo for free?

In my blog I recently posted about the photo for free strategy. Here in Dreamstime, as in other agencies, is quite popular the marketing technique to give a photo (or more photos) for free in exchange for portfolio visibility and possibly future sales.My point was to start considering the photo for free as a personal idea, in your own blog for example.What do you think about it? I know of only one guy doing it in his blog, are there others trying this marketing idea for themselves?photo... continue reading

Text into images is not always that good

A new post in my blog is dedicated to the theme of text into photos or illustrations.I found out that the English words, despite being absolutely the most accepted worldwide and also the most known, not necessarily are the best way to make your images more successful.Why I say this? Imagine the photo of a visual concept widely understood, say a dart on the target. You let it as it is, is universal and can have a wider meaning, if you add a word on it, say 'success', not only you add to that... continue reading

Blogging may be a necessary marketing strategy

Today I have posted in my blog about the necessity to write a blog as a marketing strategy. In fact, is something that more and more microstock photographers start to consider and many already do.The problem is that most of times is hard to find good subjects for your blog and keep it up on a regular basis. I have started mine in June and seen that I have no problem to write something on a regular schedule, I'm planning on expand my goals (that will be the argument of a... continue reading

Creative images must be planned

In my I posted an article in two parts, about the process of creating a couple ideas on social networking. Here I want instead to tell you the preliminary procedures I usually apply before getting the idea done.Basically, if an idea spring to mind, be it during reading, sleeping, a conversation or whatever, what I usually do is a simple search in the agency database and with Picniche, to see if that kind of subject/keyword may be good. Good means that there are few... continue reading

Creative and funny

I was trying to brainstorm recently around some ideas that would convey a humorous or funny visual effect.The idea of 'head into the cloud' was one of these and I made it with great pleasure and fun. Grabbed the material from my personal archive of 'stock images' (photo that I took and keep for usage in such situations) I started to realize these two conceptual photo montages.You can see them here below.Seeing these kind of conceptual ideas, in fact, you can say that I'm more acting... continue reading

The thumbnail effect on successful sales

The thumbnail size is a very important factor to consider in your microstock strategy.If you look at your images at the thumbnail size, compared with all the others on the page, you will guess at once if your image is going to be a good seller.It stands out? The main subject is easily recognizable? The colors are saturated and bright? Simply answering to yourself those questions may improve a lot your sales.For more about this topic and other beginners advices on microstock, you can also... continue reading

Two new posts in my blog

HiI do not intend to abuse of this blog to make announces for my own blog, but because is a brand new personal blog (about microstock and Dreamstime in particular) and I have just posted two new articles, let me make this last one. I promise, this will be really the last announcement!'Top five to do list for microstockers'and'My last year and half in microstock - a recapitulation'I intend to update my blog at least weekly, but sometimes more than just one time a week.Thanks for... continue reading

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