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New Trend in n/a Sales

I'm noticing a new trend:1. 75% (6/8) of my last downloads are from n/a sales2. I don't have any photos in the free section3. ALL of my photos are in both private and public COLLECTIONSWhat does this mean: (My Conclusions)?1. The search engine has changed and since I have very little depth in my portfolio (high level images with lots of dls) it doesn't favor me.My images don't usually come to the first couple of pages in keyword searches....2. Regardless of the search engine... continue reading

Dogs Expressions - Many Faces of Emotions

Animal lovers will all agree dog's can display emotions.As a photographer its always a "treat" when something like this is memorialized in an image.Here are some examples:HappySad/ForelornConcerned/DistressedBad/GuiltyInnocenceSmilingWith this in mind, the next time you are looking to photograph your dog, don't just take a picture, try and evolke some type of emotion from your pet.It may take some extra efforet on your part, but you will be very pleased... continue reading

Value of Keywording

Keywording may be the bain of Microstock photography.Photographers enjoy taking the pictures, uploading to sites may be lengthy, however using FTP can help expedite the process, but keywording is just brain taxing hardwork!The intent of this article, though, is to show, if you take the time to keyword properly, it WILL pay of in increased exposure and sales in the end!Here's an example:Photo #1Both images show a child playing with dogs on the beach.The photos have many similarities:... continue reading

Photographing Horses - A Unique Perspective

Horses are majestic creatures.Their powerful size alone demands your respect.Its not easy getting a close up shot.What I've discovered is if the goal is to capture horse portraits or head shots the trick is to get the proper shot angle.Horses have large odd shaped heads and they stand significantly taller than most humans.Most of the time a photographer ends up shooting up or at the same level as the animal.Sometimes this will distort the horse's muzzle or give unflattering results.... continue reading

Learning to Ride

Last summer, when I was 41 years old my husband and I bought ourselves a couple of dirt bikes (motorcycles)I've always wanted to learn to ride a motorcycle ever since I was a young girl.My family was full of children, though and we never had enough money to go around.So, now in my forties, I'm learning to ride.Initially, it was quite challenging.I struggled with kick starting the bike, picking it up when it fell over (its very heavy) and gaining confidence.After many mishaps (smacking... continue reading

Text Messaging Mania

Attention all parents!Has anyone noticed a peculiar appendage sprouting from the palm of your preeteen/teen's hand? Well, don't phone the doctor quite yet, I've been told not to worry, its just a cell phone!However, these youngsters are doing anything but talking!Mine seem to be doing more text messaging than anything else!Its appears they've developed some kind of secret code or acronyms to communicate covertly with their good friends.Has anyone ever wondered what the heck they... continue reading

Dog Photography - 5 Tips for Improving Images

Photographing man's best friend can be challenging.Below you will find 5 tips which could help you improve your images:1.Camera Settings: Dogs are moving subjects.They rarely stand still for pictures.Select short shutter speeds to help freeze the action.Its very disappointing to find your prized photograph isn't what you expected because your weren't able to get the focus correct. The image on the left used a shutter speed of 5/10000! The resulting effect is a sharp image which stops the... continue reading

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