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This photo is used in “Liberal Studies” textbooks published.

I have just seen,This photo is used in forthcoming “Liberal Studies” textbooks published for the local Hong Kong secondary students and teachers.I am very pleased. continue reading

Chinese New Year and the candied fruit

I feel like I had a habit of eating ice candied fruit. Junior high school, on the way home from school there is an aunt selling candied fruit, every where we go eat a bunch of the total, but no money to go helplessly passed away for many years.Later, money, and always buy again and again, especially in the New Year holiday to go home, when I took my brother and sister shopping time to buy is up to the candied fruit. I like to eat something just because other people like to eat,... continue reading


when he was the Juan Lian Jiang Jun, accidentally broke a glass lamp during the Empress's Peach Banquet. He was given 800 strokes and banished to Earth by the Jade Emperor. All because of a single glass lamp.Wu Jing was changed into a demon, and once every week, flying swords were sent down from Heaven to penetrate his chest a few hundred times over. He had nothing to eat, so every few days he had to go out of the river to eat a passerby. One day he attacked the Goddess Guanyin by accident and... continue reading


Pigsy was lazy, stupid, greedy.He succeeded into becoming an immortal and ascended to Heaven. He was given the title of Tian Peng Yuan Shuai and was in charge of the Heavenly River.But one day, after attending the Empress's Peach Banquet, he became very drunk and stumbled into the Guang Han Palace, which is the abode of the Moon Goddess, Chang Er. Because he was drunk, he flirted boldly - very boldly - with Chang Er. Someone reported this to the Jade Emperor and troops surrounded the Guang Han... continue reading

Tianfu Garden Water City

The broad expanse of the Chengdu Plain, quietly flow from three rivers - the river, Pihe, North River, the crossroads of three rivers, is the first of a thousand miles Tuojiang River City - Tianfu Shuicheng Zhao town. "Hao-miao of Sanjiang, 1000 Ancient Ferries head; Health Qingzhou the sky, far, the water floating," the ancient Wenrenmeike always use such romantic strokes to really express their innermost feelings, Jinsong center of this picturesque scenery of western Sichuan. Viewed from the air... continue reading

Monkey King wanted to borrow the fan from Iron Fan Princess

The monk Tripitaka and his disciples, escorted by the Monkey King, are on their way over the Himalayas to India to take back the Buddhist scriptures when they are blocked by the Flaming Mountain, an impassable mountain range. The Monkey King realizes that the only way through is to borrow the indestructible magic fan from the Iron Fan Princess. The Princess, however, angry with the Monkey King for having sent her son to be a disciple of the Goddess of Mercy, refuses to lend him the fan.A fight... continue reading

Monkey King

Monkey King: Fahao Freelander is the major disciples Tang Seng, 72, will change the clouds. A pair of eyes that can see through Jiaomoguiguai camouflage tricks, a Jinzhu up thousands of miles apart can be used weapons wishful Jingubang can big or small, changes in the heart, small embroidery needles to the indomitable spirit. He is king of the Huaguoshan, claiming Monkey King to confuse the flat peach Wangmuniangniang event Touchitaishanglaojun live a long life of Dan Jin, and defeated Suitengumae... continue reading

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