Articles by Sophie Martin

Place that I like, South alp, France

Maybe one of the beautifulest places in Automn, when the trees cover the mountain with some lightfull and warm colors... Then, walking or driving along the small road make you discover an irresistible landscape, always different.That location is particularly sensitiv to me because these roads and these mountains I have been lucky enough to travel through them with my grand parents and some other of the family......My 2 grand parents were originally coming the area. The picture of the wood caban... continue reading

Place that I like : the south of Spain, Andalucia

I should say that I love. Perhaps because it looks like very exotic for an european. I mean that is a very arid place, and the most of Andalucia can be considered as a desert.A desert where a lot of American western have been shooted in the 60s.And indeed when I've been there I thought that I could be in some area like Texas or Arizona, and I was expected to seesome cow boy or buffalo arriving at the horizon. But well we are in the 3rd centery, then nothing happens except sun, and hotness.... continue reading

Place that I like : the south of France, the Calanques

Nice climate with a lot of sun and wind and so beautiful landscape.I would like to speak a better english to express that with nice phrase as it deserves...but ...Mountain, hills, sea.... Everything is there!Small port, small village....Beach with rocks, beach with sand....Small beach anyway, for the lovers, or for the family.....Some wind to sail ... or to fish ...or just apreciate time ...playing cards with friends, reading a so book, or only dreaming about whatever...I have live... continue reading

First short visit in Paris

I'm living in Paris for years, and I'm scouting nice location for film, and what is extremly surprising, is that I haven't so much picture about Paris compared to the data baseWell, first visit so through the main monument of that romantic cityEven if it isn't only a romantic city, but as the mayor capital of europe a kind of active business centerwhere people are working hard from the morning to the night..Anyway I think I would need thousand of article just to speak a little about the... continue reading

Valentine day

Quite soon, less than 2 weeks, will happen the Valentine's day.The lover's day.I know that the question about the lover's day is pretty much catched by marketing, but I'm still thinking about that people who really express their own feeling to each other...Does the marketing question hide that point? Almost I think, but, maybe I will seem extremly naive, but I would like that no.Some people are loving each other, despite commercial, despite wars, worries... And I think that deserves something.... continue reading


In order to have few organization concerning the year coming I was thinking about the different events running along the years.From now :- halloween- christmas- new year- winter holyday- valentines day- saint patrick- mother day, father day, grandmother day- easter- 1rst of may- springtime- summer timeWell, it ispossible to be busy all year ...and I'm sure, I have forgotten some. continue reading

When I get some time free

When I have some time to spend I like to surf through the microstock to see image from the other.I pretend it is for inspiration, but in fact that is also to travel...I'm amazed by the quantity and variety of images that I can see.Concept, countrie, fields, city, tradition, seesight, cities and technology...And I know, it figures not even the half of what can possibly exist. continue reading

And I know why ...

I'm still wondering about blogging...So why?Just because, it seems that I would be unable to cancel, or to correct what I would write.Also because ...Well of course it is going to bring visibility, of course that's the "internet game" : trying to be seen...But I would be more happy and secure if I could write, and re-write... think and re-think about the article...Well it could be only for grammar and spelling, it could be to re-express and idea...(I know, I could write first on... continue reading

So, I do

HiFor my second article I'm still as uninspired as for the first article.I've read many many articles from dreamstime's bloggers, in order to get inspired...I've like the tutorial one, very useful.For the French speaking I'm writing some tutorialin French at I'm a bit lazy to translate it in English.I have started to do it maybe one day ...if it isn't already done...Well, something I'm truly please to write :thank to the one they visit... continue reading

Blog ...they say..

Blog, write ... they sayLalalaWe are approaching the end of august, and it is still raining in Paris.Now that I'm spending the half of my time in the south of France, I don't mind about rain in Paris.Even, that's a nice fresh place to spend time.Everybody is on holidays in the south. They have bring with them noise agitation and pollution..Here it is so quiet..And even it still have concert and stuff to do I can't even be boring (not so sure about the orthography)... continue reading

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