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New Blog (in french)

Hi everyoneI finally started blogging about photography and microstock. My blog is in french though ;). My first post on microstock agencies is about Dreamstime since it's my favorite one :)You can check it out at and let me know if you like it. You can let comments in the blog articles too, people seems to be shy at the moment (although it's still new).I update it almost everyday. I'm talking about photography basics but also about advanced notions, microstock,... continue reading

500th sale

A sweet goal reached today at Dreamstime, my 500th sale with this one. The next goal is to have a portfolio of at least 1000 photos by the end of the year (or earlier).Sales at Dreamstime have been good and always growing in the last year. The community and the management are great here.Good luck to everyone and thank you to all the buyers who bought my photos. continue reading


Another goal reached today with my 500th photo online. This goal was important for me since it represents, to my eyes, a big step forward. To be able to say I have a stock portfolio of over 500 pictures sounds nice doesn't it?.I was lazy for a month and did not upload anything (almost) between early september and late october but I went back at it the last weekend of october. It's also my 3rd month with 100% acceptance ratio so I think I'm starting to know what stock photography is... hehe. I... continue reading

First year

It's been one year now since I started submitting to Dreamstime. In this last year, I learned a lot about stock photography and photography in general. The quality of my pictures is way better than last year and I still have a lot to learn (don't we all).In august 2007, my first submission of 5 pictures got one accepted, that future referee one to the right. From the 20% approval of the first little batch, I went to 55% on the next one in september but my technique for white background was far... continue reading

Seasonal submission dates

When do you usually submit your photos for seasonal events? Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's day, Easter? Summer, Winter, Fall shots? Snow, fallen leaves, beach shots?I usually do this 3 to 6 months before the event/season. I started submitting fall shots in may. I submitted my halloween shots in late august which might be a bit too late. I started submitting snow/winter shots in the middle of july and finally submitted my first christmas shots 2 weeks ago.Am I late or early? Good question.... continue reading

Digital Workflow

Many tools can be used and everyone probably have his own workflow to process their image. Here is what I developped over the last year.First, I'm on a Mac and using Aperture as my main cataloging and basic retouching tool but all that can be done with other software on macs or PC, Lightroom is another good example but Adobe Bridge with Photoshop Elements is also effective.Let's say you just finished a shooting session and have a couple hundreds images in your camera. Here is my workflow:... continue reading

300th photo online

Another milestone for me today with my 300th image approved on Dreamstime. I am with the agency since the end of august 2007 but only had a small portfolio until may 2008. Of the 306 photos I have online at the moment, more than 250 were uploaded since may.I am trying to upload at least 50 photos a month. I know I should upload more but time is missing for that. I still have a folder with about 500 potential photos to evaluate, process or discard and keyword.I also started to divide my potential... continue reading

First payout

I'm all excited because I just reached my first payout at Dreamstime with this photo.I started last fall with a small portfolio but really got into it in may this year when I tripled my portfolio in that month. The effects of this massive upload started to show in june with a BME 3 times higher than my best month before that. July has been as good and I continue to upload.Thanks to everyone who bought my photos :) continue reading

Francofolies 2008

This week (july 24th to august 3rd) is the Francofolies of Montreal in Canada. It's the biggest french-speaking song festival. They celebrate their 20th anniversary this year.I was there last saturday with my children for their first family activity. Les Petites Tounes put up a very good show and everybody had a lot of fun. Let's hope the family activity will become a tradition at the Francofolies. continue reading

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