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What Designers Are Looking for in Stock Photography

What are Graphic Designers and Creative Directors looking for, when it comes to the images they select?That is the ultimate question for anyone who creates stock photography, isn't it. Being a graphic designer and a creative director for almost a decade now has given me a chance to understand what a designer is looking for when they browse a site like Dreamstime looking for an image to be used in a project.First off, they are looking for something specific.That is one of the reasons it... continue reading

Obsessed with Color, In a Sometimes Dull World

I love color, as an artist and a person.One could say that I was obsessed with it.It is a wonder of both nature and man the colors that exist all around us every day. Colors so rich and vibrant that they can take your breath away, and some so soft and gentle that they calm the nerves in those tense, rushed moments in life.We had an entire class in art school dedicated to the study of color, how it effects the moods of people, even how it makes people want to look at something, or make... continue reading

How to Build a Dinner Table

First step in making a table is to go online and find out how much it cost to buy a table at Target. Step one. A great table made of solid wood at Target can be had for about $200. If there is not a target store in your area that can send the table to you they will be more then happy to do that for an additional $200. This of course does not include the chairs, which will guessed it, an additional $200. That is for just 4 chairs. If you like to entertain then you will need at least 6, which... continue reading

Make It Pretty!

I want to tirade against three words, three words that can make anybody in the creative field of design cringe with a sense of disgust and loathing for the obviously ignorant individual that utters them.“Make it Pretty”Don’t get me wrong, I am all for creating aesthetically pleasing designs get the point across while pleasing the eyes of the viewer.In fact that is one of the best way to get people to look at what is being advertised.Bringing a sense of beauty to a product by creating... continue reading

Stuck in a Box

Do you ever get the feeling that you are stuck in a never-ending cycle of clichés and stereotypes?If you do, then you might be an In-house Graphic Designer.Yes that's right, If you, like me, once dreamed of that awesome job in the creative world, where you and high end magazine publishers would rub shoulders, and have the ability to tell some of the best photographers in the industry that there shot doesn't look quite right for the ad for Nike, you too would have been struck with a large... continue reading

Think Green, Save Blue

Everyone spends a great deal of time and energy discussing the environment these days.Global warming, the oceans rising, and strange weather events. Very few media events focus a great deal of energy on a much more serious problem, saving fresh water.There are some parts of the United States where droughts are so bad that people are using rain buckets to collect fresh water so they can water their plants when there is no rain because using sprinklers is prohibited.Water is a precious resource... continue reading

New Years Resolutions

Every year People all over the world bring in the next 365 days with many hopes, aspirations, and more then a few ideas on how to make things better.None of those ideas has quite the emphasis as the “New Years Resolution”.Resolution- a resolve or determination: to make a firm commitment to do something. The act of resolving or determining upon an action or course of action, method, procedure, etc.It is estimated that 42% of Americans have resolved to loose some excess weight... continue reading

Cold is Relative

“It's cold outside”, I thought to myself yesterday morning.The sun had not yet risen and I was weary about leaving the comfortable warmth of my apartment, only to get into my icebox of a car, and drive 20 min to work.It was the coldest it had been all year.My hands were numb, and my breath was visible in the pre-dawn air.How cold was it, one might ask.Before I reveal the actual temperature and upset all of the people that are currently freezing in climates that should be un-inhabitable... continue reading

Tis the Season

I thought I might create my first blog on a really happy note.Christmas is here in a week, and new years is just around the corner.All I can say is…Party Time!!!This is the time to dance, have fun, listen to some really great music and put on some sparkly, tacky, and brightly colored ornaments just to show off.I don’t know about anybody else, but I am definitely looking forward to it.Sure beets stressing out over which gift to give who, and how much the budget it for each individual... continue reading

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