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Wildlife Photography: Virtual Amputation

Occasionally, folks ask me to critique their images; one of the most common problems I encounter is Virtual Amputation.When we photograph people, unless we are specifically looking to achieve a certain focus, it is generally a poor idea to cut off the person in the middle of their limbs.We have all seen the wedding photos taken by amateurs that have everyone's face in the middle of the image but the lower legs are cut off at the knees.Pretty much, the same unwritten rules apply to animals.... continue reading

Wildlife Photography: Getting Close

Have you ever wondered how wildlife photographers get images that have the animal large in the frame?Most would say, you must have a really long lens.Well, yes I do have a 600mm and both a 1.4X and 1.7X teleconverter; but a long lens is useless over a long distance because of heat, atmospheric haze and general junk in the air.Really, to get good images of wildlife, you must get close to the wildlife,Problem is, most wildlife do not like or trust humans.If we are clearly visible, they will... continue reading

Exclusivity; the end or the beginning

Those of you all that follow my blogs know that I went exclusive on DT six months ago.At the time, I was traveling, super busy and had limited internet connection.I wanted to see the effect of my income by being exclusive with DT.I have canceled my exclusive contract but not because of anything that DT has done wrong or any radical change in the microstock industry. MY situation has changed and now I must increase my income over what I can bring in using DT exclusively.I now have a bit better... continue reading

Does Blogs and message boards affect sales?

It is a closely guarded secret how the ranking of images is computed for searches.We all have wondered if and how acceptance rate, participation on the message boards, writing blogs, etc affect our ranking on searches and resulting sales.I did an experiment this month; I wrote a series of blogs and was active on the message boards.I wanted to see if it had an effect on my sales.Here are my results.During the past 5 months I have been averaging $75 dollars in sales each month.I have... continue reading

Wildlife Photography: Planning Your Strategy

As a wildlife photographer, we typically take pictures of the same animals everyday.It is important to have a plan or strategy for your photographic outings.Let’s assume you have a cooperative bird or animal that you can spend a fair amount of time taking images.Let’s say you are spending a week at a nature park like Yellowstone National Park where the animals are plentiful. You certainly do not want a weeks worth of the same images of the same animal.You want a variety to meet multiple... continue reading

Wildlife Photography: What’s on my computer?

As a follow-up to my previous article “What’s in my camera bag”; I thought it would be beneficial for others to know my computer setup and the programs I use daily for processing my images.I have three computers; two laptops and one desktop.One laptop is an Acer that is used for uploading images to Dreamstime.Because I am working on the Russia/Chinese border and because I am working in the field; normal hardwire internet connections are not available to me.I do have access to USB wireless... continue reading

Wildlife Photography: What’s in my camera bag

When I do talks for other photographers or meet with camera clubs; one of the most common questions is: what equipment do you use and what is in your camera bag.In the old days, it was pretty simple; most of us used the Nikon F5, F4... or the Canon 1V series.Now, with digital, the environment is a bit changed.There are full-frame bodies and their are bodies with sensors that have a pseudo-magnification factor (smaller than the standard 35mm frame).Most landscape photographers will use the... continue reading

Pet Photography: Getting that look with dogs

Part of my income stream comes from pet photography.I am sure I could make much more shooting weddings but I am not fond of Bridezillas.I get along much better with animals.When photographing dogs, owners want a picture of their pet that looks alert and responsive. When you put most dogs in a studio or in front of a camera; they become a bit nervous and look a bit un-natural.It takes a bit of time working with them but most will eventually calm and be more natural in front of the camera.... continue reading

Wildlife Photography Secrets: Angle of Light

In the old days, you would purchase a package of film and inside the film box was an instruction sheet that described the concept of sunny 16, shooting your images with the sun at your back and other such general information.The makers of the film knew that shooting your images with the sun behind your back would be the easiest technique for those with little photographic experience.In this edition of my blog articles, let’s discuss lighting.During full sun, there are three basic types... continue reading

Wildlife Photography Secrets: Concepts

When we think of wildlife photography, we generally think of someone walking aimlessly in search of animals or sitting in a hide or blind for hours on end waiting for an animal to make its appearance.In part, both of those are true but there are locations that the wildlife are plentiful and you have wider choices.On these occasions it is good to have a concept or plan for your photographic outing.I get my ideas of photographing wildlife from everyday life.One day, I was standing in line... continue reading

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