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Our Photos: Monuments of the Past

When we look at our older work, we usually only see the flaws: the composition was poor, the white balance was off, or the highlights were blown. However, those old photos stand as monuments to the past and can be good for several reasons.Memorials! If for nothing else, we can browse our old body of photos to remember the old days. There is usually more behind a photograph than a subject or a landscape. The photo can bring back the memory of what stage you were in at that time of life,... continue reading

Dog Rescue Photography: Bear

“Bear” was a happy boy! He was definitely one of those dogs that nothing could get him down. He was always enthusiastically barking at his kennel when staff arrived so he could go out for a walk. Sometimes, in his excitement, he’d take us for a walk! What a fun fellow he'd make in any home.He was picked up stray by a Walton County Animal Control officer on November 30, 2018. He had on a bright orange collar, but no tag or chip to find his way home. He sat through the weekend and when... continue reading

Enjoy Fall Photography

"’s so wasteful to live in a world you don’t go out and see.”It is fall here in Georgia (USA); one of the most beautiful times of the year. The hot weather finally breaks and the forest palette breaks forth in heartwarming tones of yellows, browns and reds. Every day of fall is a good reason to get out with your camera. Whether it is landscapes or wildlife, the brilliant hues of changing leaves create such wonderful photo backdrops and frames.But fall is more... continue reading

A Little Motivation

Remember your first stock sale? It was probably less than a dollar, but it gave you a great feeling. It was neat to think that someone would actually buy your photo. It was a motivator to pick up that camera, get back out there, shoot some more photos and get them posted on your stock portfolio. Even after a few years of selling my photos on Dreamstime, I still get that little thrill each time the Dreamstime Companion app pops up a notification on my phone of another sale. But there is another way... continue reading

Dog Rescue Photography: Hazel

Many want to make a difference in this world. As photographers, we hope to make a difference through our creative efforts behind the camera. One place where photography skills are always needed is your local animal shelter. And the returns are huge! A quality photograph can connect an animal with an adopter and save a dog or cat's life. “Hazel” was a sweet and social Black Mouth Cur mixed breed dog that came into the animal shelter on October 31, 2018. She was picked up with two cute puppies,... continue reading

Kitties and Kinglets

As I was out for a brief wildlife photography walk this morning, I found I was not the only one interested in capturing some little birdies! Sure, my goal is to capture them on camera, but her goal is to capture them in her mouth! A female feral cat was stalking the tiny Ruby-crowned Kinglets that had recently arrived in Georgia upon the winds of fall migration.Being a lover of all animals, my opinion on feral cats goes back and forth. They are here because of us. By no fault of their... continue reading

Surprises in the Familiar Places

Have you ever thought of a nearby photo location and said, "Been there; done that?" Don't discount the possibility of new sights in the same old places.Oh the joys of getting off the beaten path for a photo adventure! While most of us would love to get away to exotic destinations, the reality is that unless we are independently wealthy, we are simply stuck in our jobs day after day. However, our photography need not stagnate. There are often hidden gems right in our own backyards;... continue reading

Halloween Creatures: the Viper

How can a wildlife photographer have a stock portfolio relevant to holidays such as Halloween? Easy! Think of those scary, macabre or spooky animals related to All Hallows Eve.The “adder’s fork” is not only a potent ingredient in the witch’s brew, but a scary sight for most people any day of the year, and especially on Halloween!Perhaps our over-the-top herpeto-phobia originated with that subtle whispering and fruity temptation dangled before our mother in Paradise. Or perhaps... continue reading

A Third Eye

As a photographer, do you find yourself focusing in on details that others may miss? I believe photographers have a third eye: an eye for detail!Being a photographer, your eye probably catches things that others didn’t see: a bird flitting in the bushes, a beam of golden sunshine through a forest canopy opening… While most people casually and obliviously walk through this world, photographers spot the tiny, well-defined details of a scene. And over time, you can further train your senses to catch... continue reading

Halloween Creatures: the Newt

How can a wildlife photographer have a stock portfolio relevant to holidays such as Halloween? Easy! Think of those scary, macabre or spooky animals related to All Hallows Eve."Fillet of a fenny snake, In the cauldron boil and bake; Eye of newt and toe of frog, Wool of bat and tongue of dog, Adder's fork and blind-worm's sting, Lizard's leg and owlet's wing, For a charm of powerful trouble, Like a hell-broth boil and bubble."Everyone knows that Halloween is the... continue reading

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