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Articles by William Wise

Halloween Creatures: the Owl

How can a wildlife photographer have a stock portfolio relevant to holidays such as Halloween? Easy! Think of those scary, macabre or spooky animals related to All Hallows Eve.Owls and Halloween… what’s the association? Well, picture yourself on a lonely gravel road deep within the woods. The full moon has fallen below the horizon and now all is black... except for those eyes; those glowing eyes set within that turning head. And from the direction of those piercing eyes you hear, “Whoooooo?... continue reading

Halloween Creatures: the Black Cat

How can a pet photographer have a stock portfolio relevant to holidays such as Halloween? Easy! Think of those scary, macabre or spooky animals related to All Hallows Eve.Of the few domestic animals associated with that haunted holiday of Halloween, the one at the top of the list is the black cat. That favorite feline of the witching hour! What gathering of thirteen witches would be complete without a mascot… a coven kitty? Black cats have always been omens of superstition. Perhaps it is their dark... continue reading

Halloween Creatures: the Spider

In my last blog, we asked how a wildlife photographer could keep a stock portfolio relevant to upcoming holidays such as Halloween. The answer? Creepy Creatures! There are plenty of scary, macabre and spooky animals related to Halloween that can fill an animal photographer’s portfolio. Take the spider! (Well, no thanks, not me. I won’t take the spider!) Just the thought of those spindly, hairy legs lightly creeping across your skin can make your hair stand up! Halloween aside, I’ve... continue reading

Halloween Creatures: the Vulture

As photographers that post for stock sales, we want to have photos in our portfolio that are current with the times and relevant to upcoming events. But if you’re a wildlife and pet photographer like me, how do you ensure you have photos in line with the upcoming holidays such as Halloween? Easy! Think of those scary, macabre or spooky animals related to All Hallows Eve.One such creature is the vulture. Why are they thought of as creepy critters fitting for the witching hour? Perhaps... continue reading

Dog Rescue Photography: Max

With his home-cropped ears, tough guy look, and being heartworm positive, “Max” was going to be a hard one to get out of the shelter. No ordinary quick kennel shot was going to work, so I took Max outdoors for a glamour photo session on September 27, 2018.He was surrendered to the Walton County Animal Control shelter by his owner who cited that number one excuse for dumping their pet: “moving.” So Max’s only hope of living a longer life was to be adopted or rescued.... continue reading

Wait on it!

Monday, 10:35 AM - As I came up to the pond where I regularly go birding, this gorgeous Great Blue Heron was perched upon a duck breeding box at the far end of the pond. Normally, he is too skittish to sit out on the open pond so close to buildings. I knew he probably wouldn’t sit there long, and if I was patient, I might get a flight shot as he took to the air. My hope was that when this heron left his perch, he’d fly to a nearby pond behind me. So I positioned myself in the shade right in the... continue reading

Pesky Squirrels

Most critters have a fear of people. I suppose God put this there to protect the animals from extinction. Just ask the Passenger Pigeon and countless other species what we are capable of!But then there are those critters quite comfortable with life in close association with us. In fact, they seem to prefer it! Eating from our bird feeders, trash cans, cat food bowls… Some, like the Eastern Gray Squirrel, even seem to have this intense desire to chew through your siding and move into your attic!Here... continue reading

Animal Shelter Photography: Sable the senior GSD

Three female German Shepherds came into the Walton County Animal Control shelter in three days, all from the same general area. It looked like some “wonderful” person decided to just dump their shepherds instead of finding them new homes or bringing them to the shelter.The first German Shepherd picked up was the youngest; just under a year. She was very skittish, but came around well enough and German Shepherd Dog Rescue of Georgia came to get her within a couple of days.... continue reading

Dog Rescue Photography: Skinny Stormy

Skinny, in heat, flaky skin, fly bites and ticks on her ears, never been to a veterinarian before… poor “Stormy”. While I hate to see dogs surrendered to the shelter, some dogs will have a much better life away from their current owners and into new homes!“Stormy” was surrendered to the Walton County Animal Control shelter in Monroe, Georgia, USA on August 15, 2018. She didn’t appear to have had the best care, but was a true submissive sweetheart! She was just a medium-sized dog... continue reading

Mockingbird, mockingbird, mockingbird, Cuckoo!

For the last few weeks, since the Northern Mockingbirds have fledged, it seems that all I see on my morning walks is Mockingbirds. (Don't get me wrong, I like the Mockingbirds. But we can become bored with anything so common.) Five juveniles and their parents have continuously hung out in a tangle of blackberry briers and pokeweed near my office.This morning's walk was no different. Here a Mockingbird, there a Mockingbird, everywhere a Mockingbird! I nearly walked by... continue reading

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