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Black and White Photography vs. Color Photography

I consider myself a color photographer so this blog may be biased. I rarely use black and white. However, I see how many people tend to use it or even over use. Since, I consider myself a work in progress, I decided to do some research on visual design, specifically regarding color. Now, I would like to share what I found.To start, let us see color and emotion. Every photographer knows that color temperature affects our moods and sometimes dramatically. Warm light soothes us while cool light is... continue reading

Average Day in a Photographer's Life

When the cell phone rang in the morning announcing a new day, I felt like sleeping late. Yesterday, we celebrated my birthday and I went to bed late. Do you imagine? My friends always expect the pictures and I had to edit and upload them to my FB page. What a nice surprise when I look out the window. The trees were all covered in snow...everything was white and beautiful. So I said to myself : Today, I am going to get the picture I have had in mind for more than a year!Yeah, why not? After all,... continue reading

The Art of Seeing

I think, we will agree that the most important quality in a photographer is the ability to see interesting subjects. I would like to recommend a book named: "Photography and the Art of Seeing" by Freeman Patterson. I got it when I entered the local library in a day I was bored of walking around with my camera and I could find nothing I considered interesting to shoot. In this blog, I will explainwhat I think are the most important lessons that I learned. Don't expect the results to be good for stock... continue reading

Photography: College or University?

Recently, I was talking to a friend's daughter who wants to take Photography in the university. I was amazed how she knew about history and art besides she had some excellent pictures to show. I could tell she really liked it!She was turning down two Psychology offers in order to pursue her dreams. However, life has taught me to be more practical. I felt like advising her, because most people do not know what it means to pursue a career in photography. I know it is beautiful and rewarding to take... continue reading

Nine Months of Ups and Downs

It has been already nine months of ups and downs in the stockphotography hobby. Combining it with work, school, and family life has not been easy, however, I have enjoyed every single image that is approved and learned from each one that is rejected.Recently my 200 image was approved. It is the one you can see in this blog. I am really happy to have reached this milestone.Sales have also increased slowly as the number of images online increases. I will continue to work at my pace and trying to be... continue reading

A Hard Learned Lesson

Working with Stock Agencies can be more challenging than working events. The quality standards are demanding. In events, customers do not usually have the professional knowledge and they do no inspect images at 100%. As a result, they can be happy with results that agencies would not accept.The main benefit I have found in these agencies is the learning perspective, the challenge, and getting used to rejections without "dropping the ball"This week, I learned the hard way that working tired... continue reading

Successful Assignment Record

Approved for Assignment again! No words. This picture was taken in the Latin Festival that is held each year in Toronto city and the model is actually my son.I started contributing actively in January 2011. After arriving at the 50 mark picture I started partaking in the assignments (4 so far) and my work has classified in three of them. I have never use older images because I see the assignment as a way to improve, so I force myself to come up with an original level 5 photo in less than a month.... continue reading

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