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Transfer earning from my DT to account in Bank of China by Moneybooker

In 2years, I've earned about 500 dollar in DT, this time I transfer it to my account in Bank of China. This is the second time after I transfered it 2 years ago.The time and action as follows:10/09/2012 DT to MB10/10/2012 MB receive money from DT10/11/2012 Withdraw money to bank account (FEE $2.31)10/12/2012 bank account receive money from MBTHAT'S ALL!This is my most popular image, which has been sell for 33 times. continue reading

The 500th sale!

Hello, everyone! Long time no see. These days I am busy becoming a qualified farther~my son was born 2 weeks ago.Today I find in DT, my 500th sale has been born on Oct, 13, 2011. Although I admit I am not a diligent photo saler, only 246 uploads, I can still get the 500th sale and USD773 revenue in 3 years. So I think if I work hard in the coming future, I can make progress! Go! Go! Go!This image is my 500 sale: continue reading

Who is not afraid lose, is the people will be possible to win.

Tonight I read a wonderful quote from Bai YanSong, a famous TV host in China's CCTV: Who is not afraid lose, is the people will be possible to win. For me, I think it's suited to upload image to Dreamstime, too.For me, It's long time from I uploaded image to DT, why? I don't think it's a sufficient reason, I have been busy for a long time. The larget problem is I‘m afraid of lose.I'm afraid of refuse and refuse again! So after I had uploaded more than 220 pics , I didn't upload one... continue reading

Press and shoot No

More and more ads are telling us: With the technique developing day after day, taking photo are becoming easier and easier, so that you can just press and shoot, a good photo is make.Is it real? No!In fact, more and more terrible photos are make every day. Especially on Dreamstime, such photos which you spend one second to shoot may well be refused mostly.Maybe you may argue that nowadays digital camera can save money much more than we use film camera, so we should shot as many... continue reading

One year, 145 uploads, 162 downloads, $200

I joined Dreamstime one year ago. The title is what I've done and gained. I have uploaded more than 270 pics to DT, and half of those were received, so I just have 145 uploads. Fortunatly, I have a good sale, Downloads per image is 1.12. and I've earned about $200, for me, it's a satisfied number for just 145uploads in one most popular image:my Latest upload:For me, maybe I should spend more time on DT, and upload more high-quality pics. I have a dream that I can earn... continue reading

My 100 sale!

Today, I find I reach the 100 sale!It's really exciting!In half a year, I've uploaded 127 pics succesfully, although it's far from what I expected half a year ago. Because I've been busy with my work and some of my pics were refused for many reasons.But It's really a milestone for me! I should spend more time on DT and upload more pics!This is the 100 sale! continue reading

Olympic torch relay kicks off in Guangzhou

May,7,2008, it's an iindelible, memorable and unforgettable day for Guangzhou city for Olympic torch relay kicks off in Guangzhou.Before it was began at about 8 o'clock, thousands of people gathered to the Guangzhou gymnasium where the first touch bearer started. Police had announced NO vehicle allowed to near road. lots of people standed on the both sides of the BaiYun thoroughfare.I had never seen so much people on that road!When the torch bearer came, all people cheered and wave the... continue reading

Achievement in the first month

Feb.27,that's the day my first photo was approved and was available online in DT. Upon today, one month passed quickly, how I get here?Maybe I'm very lucky photographor in DT, because I've saled my images in 22 times in this month, although allI've earned is not so many, but the satisfaction from the downloaded images is more than what I gained in economy! For aphotographer who just takes photo in spare time, the acceptance of your work is really a pleasant thing.Totally, 14 images... continue reading

My first sale in DT

I have to say I am just the luck dog!38 images were accepted on Feb.27,and the next day I got the good news:2 of my images have been sold!It's really an exciting news for me.About half year ago,I join a Chinese stock photos online,but only one picture was sold,although I can get more than RMB200(about USD 35),but other sales didn't follow that.Although I've uploaded more than 200 photos and the time have past more than half year!So,the first sales on the first day is a good beginning here,which... continue reading

Most Barrier For Chinese to Join the Dreamstime

This's the first blog in my life and my career in Dreamstime must be a new start in my life.Feb 24th, 2008,I spent almost whole night on this great site!And I've known how to upload pictures by ftp and how to edit the pictures in unfinished condition.Now I am waiting for the editor to check my photos.What's the most barrier for a Chinese to join the dreamstime?It's not camera,technique,law,but ENGLISH.I think most of Chinese will answer 'ENGLISH' with one voice!Yes,although most of Chinese... continue reading

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