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From Dreamstime with Love

As we begin to experience the economic aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dreamstime believes businesses should rise to this momentum’s challenge and develop innovative strategies for active involvement. Corporate responsibility remains the handiest mechanism through which businesses can act and as you know, we have been directing 5% of our sales to the WHO Solidarity Response Fund since March. We are happy to have contributed in a small way to such a large scale effort. At the same time, we are... continue reading

From April's Fool to April's Fight

Today is a different kind of April 1st. We were getting ready for a happier celebration, but fighting Coronavirus/COVID19 is our generation's test, the first big challenge of the 21st century. It will show how the world can be united or face despair. It will also show future generations how mankind found out the hard way that the world is a single place, and borders are just imaginary lines on maps. Keeping our nature healthy will keep us healthy. Protecting animals will also protect us. While... continue reading

Keep calm and fight the virus

Dear Dreamstimers,2020 has presented us with a unique challenge, which few of us can compare to previous experiences. The global extension of Covid-19 seems to underscore how one virus can contaminate countries and continents based solely on our social organisms and connections. But while it may seem, these days, that our weakness is in our numbers, we know that to be false.We are and will continue to be, stronger together. It is also together that we will overcome this crisis, and learn how to better... continue reading

The famous Copyright Directive explained and how it can save photography and journalism

The European Union Parliament voted overwhelming in favor of the Copyright Directive on March 26th 2019 following a long debate. Two articles were under heavy scrutiny (Art. 11, now 15 and Art. 13, now 17), causing plenty of controversy due to "what if" scenarios propagated via various sources, even by the news sites which are soon to be protected by this directive.Read the official press release before anything else: continue reading

Brief history of stock photography

Someone recently asked me on Quora how much can they earn from microstock photography. Since this is a common question and the answer is kind of "it's complicated", I'm posting here the complete article about my view on the current state of the industry.Stock photography was born as a method to generate passive income from work-for-hire photography that didn’t make it through the client’s editing team. These shots were previously destroyed or archived (100% film... continue reading

Thoughts on the Getty Images deal with Google

Following the Google Images layout changes made a few years ago, changes that we addressedhere, the erosion of commercial photography has continued. In a nutshell, whenever someone clicked on 'View image,' this action would actually load the image rather than the page that used the image or the original source page. As immediate results, piracy has found an excuse and unintentional usage of unlicensed content has flourished, with more people downloading images found with Google image... continue reading

Meet the Godzilla of copyright infringement: Extended Collective Licensing

Sure by now you have heard about the potential risk of losing control over your images once you upload them on the Internet (on your blog, Facebook/Twitter/G+ page or even by selling them). Here's an older article here that explains how minor changes in layout can generate a huge mass of copyright infringements, in most cases without people even knowing it.The content we generate as professionals or amateurs, for commercial means or just for fun should remain ours, at least for the next 72 years.... continue reading

Your friends' mobiles carry your next referral sale!

I'm looking at our Mobile photos category where we've added all images shot with a smartphone - feel free to browse it yourselves:Mobile phone shotsIt looks like these photos are getting better and better. Processed, pixelred, eyeemed, instagrammed or straight from the phone's camera, many of them are simply amazing. There is a certain type of photo that you don't get to see from your own DSLR. The mobile phone allows you to get closer to the model while being less intrusive and it's definitely... continue reading

Google Images' new layout - how this impacts photographers and webmasters

Let me preface this blog post by saying that Google has been a very important Internet player, and that the Internet wouldn't be the same without their efforts and innovations. With that said, I would like to share information with you regarding a recently released update to Google’s image search functionality that is very troubling in that it materially changes the way Google image searchers respond to images that they locate.Until a few days ago, a visitor to Google Images would see a thumbnail... continue reading

+11,000 views for an image in a single day

Here's a short but true story of how online socializing can work to your advantage financially speaking. Fame is only a few clicks away.A regular Dreamstime image got to be virally famous, when filmmaker, actor and recently author, Albert Brooks tweeted yesterday:Here it is baby. Delete this DM the second you get it. I don't want anyone else to know's perhaps a simple joke but one that got retweeted by hundreds of people (Albert currently has more... continue reading

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