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Howdy, my fellow dreamstimers!It's almost a year since I wrote my last blog article: Milestones in action. Since that, it was read over 1000 times. I hope it helped someone because after publishing that article I didn't follow my own advice.I didn't set up any goal, and my "dreamstiming" was distracted by ordinary every day private and business events. I didn't upload any additional image, and my account was "frozen" at 103 images online, the same number as it was at the time of writing Milestones... continue reading

Milestones in action

Do you consider your personal Dreamstime milestones only as a neat statistics?I will let you answer this by yourself. Let me try to direct your mind flow before you answer that.Few months ago I reached a small milestone of first $100 in sales, recently I reached 100 images online and this days another one - 100 sales in total. Looking at this as a statistics, every of this three milestones was good enough for a small celebration... buying myself a beer. I was thinking how important it milestone... continue reading

Free images for promotion

As you all know I am miles away from some real success. But on a way I learn things, so I am glad to share my thoughts with you.You can click here to see all other blogs that responds to the term free images. I read them all, so I decided to add my few cents to this matter.Today's subject is free images section of Dreamstime.So far I have 102 images online. A few days ago none of them was free. Many contributors (including me) may feel sorry to give away image that is accepted by editor to... continue reading

Acceptance ratio

Hi, fellow contributors!This will be another long reading. So if you are waiting for your uploaded files become unfinished files you may want to spend some time here.Once again, here are some of my thoughts and notes which I would like to share with you. As usual in my articles, I contemplate about particular subjects so I can explain something to myself and put all conclusions to one place, just to get the clearer picture of something. Hope this would be useful for someone else. This article... continue reading

Pillars of microstock success

I am not the most successful contributor here on DT. My "excuse" is lack of time. And it is not first time that I pretend to write smart tutorials. I believe that Yuri Arcurs wouldn't learn anything from me. But there are plenty of people here that have less then 94 images online (which I have so far), that have less then 90 sells (which I have), and that maybe don't have any clue how to proceed. Some of this writing may, I believe, help someone to get its own direction in microstocking. Anyhow, here... continue reading

Finding your images on internet

At the beginning, I just want to put a disclaimer that this is not sponsored article and I don't have any interest relations with the software creator or their business. Just want to share my discovery to those who didn't know about it.Many of us would like to know how and where our work is used in real life. While it is a bit difficult to find printed materials, you can use Google to search for image by your name in case that user put any credits to your image. Most of the time this will fail... continue reading

Discovering the world of stock illustration

Well, even I started here as a photographer, illustrations are my very new interest. I was a bit surprised by myself since I work for years in graphic design. How did I never thought of making illustrations for sale?Maybe because of my cliche that taking photographs is easier. It lasts just a moment and you are done. Getting involved in stock sale shows that it is far from easy job. With my photographic skills I should mix a bit of luck in the recipe too. Anyhow, I sold some of my photos. Pictures... continue reading

Flash illustrations

Although there are many tools for expressing creativity through illustration, I noticed that some people are most comfortable using Flash from Adobe Creative Suite collection.It is true that once you get used to Flash drawing tools it apears more simple then any other tool. It has very intuitive handling of strokes, fills gradients, automatic stroke intersections, drawing priomitives, importing .ai graphics, using layers, etc. etc.I personaly use flash for initial drawing. Anyhow, Flash .swf... continue reading

My sale No. 30

Dear fellows,I made my 30th sale from portfolio of 68 images, and since my last post I become exclusive contributor .Well that was the news.Cheers! continue reading

Stock rank game/tool 2

Since I started to play this addictive DT game/tool, Stock Rank, I considered it be very easy. It was more logic then guess. As I stated in my first post on the subject lots of patterns were visible, also images were repetitive in many cases, and you can learn them. It looks like you can climb easily over the rank list.And then, I reached rank 33, my sign becomes silver and... things changed.First, the set will rarely (or never) give more then 100 points for 10 of 10. Your total points raises... continue reading

Stock photography that blogs

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